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Does Social Security Count As Income For Obamacare

Income Definitions For Marketplace And Medicaid Coverage

Social Security and Your CalPERS Pension

Financial eligibility for the premium tax credit, most categories of Medicaid, and the Childrens Health Insurance Program is determined using a tax-based measure of income called modified adjusted gross income . The following Q& A explains what income is included in MAGI.

How do marketplaces, Medicaid, and CHIP measure a persons income?

For the premium tax credit, most categories of Medicaid eligibility, and CHIP, all marketplaces and state Medicaid and CHIP agencies determine a households income using MAGI. States previous rules for counting income continue to apply to people who qualify for Medicaid based on age or disability or because they are children in foster care.

MAGI is adjusted gross income plus tax-exempt interest, Social Security benefits not included in gross income, and excluded foreign income. Each of these items has a specific tax definition in most cases they can be located on an individuals tax return .

FIGURE 1:Formula for Calculating Modified Adjusted Gross Income
What is adjusted gross income?
What types of income count towards MAGI?

All income is taxable unless its specifically exempted by law. Income does not only refer to cash wages. It can come in the form of money, property, or services that a person receives.

Table 1 provides examples of taxable and non-taxable income. IRS Publication 525 has a detailed discussion of many kinds of income and explains whether they are subject to taxation.

Whose income is included in household income?

Disability Insurance And Obamacare

To understand the basics of disability insurance and how it applies to Obamacare, one must first understand what it is. Obamacare, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a piece of federal legislation that has made changes in how health insurance is paid for. The ACA was signed into law in 2010 and requires individuals who dont receive health insurance benefits through an employer to purchase coverage or else pay a penalty. Along with that, it also puts certain limits on what insurers may or may not do with respect to eligibility and coverage. Although those with very low incomes are exempt from the Obamacare benefits, the Affordable Care Act provides ways to make health care coverage better accessible.

So, where does disability insurance come into play? Individuals who are receiving benefits from disability insurance just so happen to have unique issues and concerns as it applies to Obamacare. For instance, many people will gain from the expanded access they now have for insurance and treatment. However, those currently receiving disability benefits must be careful and take into consideration whether or not their benefits should be included when determining if they qualify for insurance subsidies and other benefits.

The Big Question: Do Disability Benefits Count as Income Under Obamacare?

Modified Adjusted Gross Income And Covid

Which common benefits or sources of assistance provided during the COVID-19 pandemic are included in calculating MAGI for purposes of determining health insurance program eligibility?

This table addresses common benefits and sources of assistance, including select provisions in federal policies enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as of March 19, 2021. This document is not personalized tax or legal advice. Consult the Health Insurance Marketplace for your state, your state Medicaid agency, or a legal or tax adviser for assistance in determining your MAGI.

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How To Calculate Your Modified Adjusted Gross Income

Once you have adjusted gross income, you modify it to calculate your MAGI. Specifically, Modified Adjusted Gross Income is calculated by adding back certain items to your Adjusted Gross Income including:

Deductions for IRA contributions.

Deductions for student loan interest or tuition.

Excluded foreign income.

Interest from EE savings bonds used to pay higher education expenses.

Employer-paid adoption expenses.

For most people, MAGI is the same as AGI.

ObamaCare: Modified Adjusted Gross Income

What Is Modified Adjusted Gross Income Used For Under Obamacare

Does The Clergy Housing Allowance Count Towards Income For Obamacare ...

For the ACA, MAGI is used for:

Determining Marketplace Cost Assistance. Youll use your projected MAGI for the upcoming year to figure out how much cost assistance you are eligible for. Later, youll adjust that amount on your year-end taxes. This means that not understanding MAGI can result in you owing money on your taxes or not getting all the subsidies you are eligible for. Dont forget to adjust info for life changes in the marketplace this will help you avoid getting the wrong cost assistance.

NOTE: Youll report income from members of your household on your application. The Marketplace excludes some income based on things, like the amount and type of income, the household members age and relationship to you, etc.

Determining if You Qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. Just like cost assistance, Medicaid and CHIP are based on MAGI. You can qualify based on past MAGI or future MAGI. However, both programs have other eligibility guidelines in states that didnt expand Medicaid. Eligibility is based on your household size, income, and other factors .

Figuring out if you will owe the Shared Responsibility Payment. If your Gross Income is below the filing threshold, you dont have to make a . That being said, some assistance programs use MAGI, so even if you wont file, its worth understanding.

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Lifetime Social Security Taxes Would Increase For Most Individuals

Including all employer-sponsored health insurance premiums in taxable wages would increase Social Security taxes for most workers. The increases would be proportionately smallest for workers with the highest earnings because employer-sponsored health insurance premiums make up a smaller share of total compensation for high earners . In addition, workers do not pay Social Security tax on wages above the taxable maximum wage including any premiums that would count as wages under this option. Thus, workers who already earn above the annual taxable maximum would be unaffected by the change and workers whose employer-sponsored health insurance premiums push their earnings over the taxable maximum would be shielded from some of the additional tax. Typically, about 6 percent of workers earn more than the taxable maximum wage each year . Workers whose jobs are not covered by Social Security do not pay Social Security taxes and would not be affected by this option.

As workers pay Social Security taxes on their employer-sponsored health insurance premiums for more years, we project that their lifetime Social Security taxes will increase. Chart 1 shows the median change in equivalent Social Security taxes under this option, which is assumed to begin in 2017. In 2030, we project no change in the equivalent tax rate at the median in 2050, 0.4 percentage points in 2070, 0.7 percentage points.

Questions And Answers On The Premium Tax Credit

Q1. What is the premium tax credit?

A1. The premium tax credit is a refundable tax credit designed to help eligible individuals and families with low or moderate income afford health insurance purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as the Exchange. The size of your premium tax credit is based on a sliding scale. Those who have a lower income get a larger credit to help cover the cost of their insurance. When you enroll in Marketplace insurance, you can choose to have the Marketplace compute an estimated credit that is paid to your insurance company to lower what you pay for your monthly premiums . Or, you can choose to get all of the benefit of the credit when you file your tax return for the year. If you choose to have advance payments of the premium tax credit made on your behalf, you will reconcile the amount paid in advance with the actual credit you compute when you file your tax return for the year. Either way, you will complete Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit and attach it to your tax return for the year.

Note: For tax year 2020 only, you are not required to attach Form 8962 with your 2020 tax return unless your PTC is more than the APTC paid on your behalf for 2020 and you are claiming net PTC. See link below for information specific to tax year 2020.

See the Coronavirus Tax Relief section on this page for information specific to tax year 2020.

Q2. What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Moving to another address
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    How Does Modified Agi Work

    Modified AGI includes Adjusted Gross Income on your federal income tax return plus any excluded foreign income, nontaxable Social Security benefits , Supplemental Security Income , and tax-exempt interest received or accrued during the taxable year.

    You wont find MAGI on your 1040, but you will find Modified AGI on Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit , the form you use for reporting Marketplace cost assistance. If you are looking at past tax returns, look at Adjusted Gross Income and take it from there. In most cases, its a similar amount.

    MAGI, in most cases is simply your Adjusted Gross Income plus taxable interest found on lines 37 and 8b of your IRS from 1040. Take a look at the form. Youll see big sections on Income and Adjusted Gross Income. If you dont think your income will change, you can base everything on that information. See the full How to Calculate Modified Adjusted Gross Income video.

    We cover MAGI on our subsidy calculator page, but since its so important to the ACA, we will do a detailed breakdown of MAGI and the other income types below.

    FACT: When you apply for the Marketplace, all of your calculations will be done for you in regards to receiving cost assistance. That being said, knowing how all of this works will allow you to be certain that your cost assistance is right and will help you if you are filing your taxes by hand. By learning how to take advantage of tax deductions, you can save money both at tax season and when buying health insurance.

    Which State Taxed Social Security Income

    Can you work if you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

    Social Security income is not taxed in all states. Some states tax Social Security income, while others dont. I know that my state does not tax it and I want to find out which states are taxing it. An individual taxpayers social security income is always taxed in the state where they reside, regardless of whether it is a federal or state tax.

    However, if your social security income exceeds $25,000 annually you must file with the IRS and pay taxes on it in all fifty states. The state where you reside is not the determining factor of whether your Social Security income is taxed.

    The federal government is more likely to tax certain types of income, while other states may take a different approach. In some states, income from Social Security is not taxed. This can be a significant benefit for retirees who live in states that tax Social Security income.

    Social Security is usually taxed as income, but some states allow for a credit or deduction against the Social Security tax. A few states allow for an exemption on Social Security taxes, but only in certain circumstances. The United States of America has three main levels of tax: state, federal and local.

    The state is the highest level and is where your income tax will be filed. There are many states that have a tiered tax level that is based on income, which means if you are making more than a certain amount, then you will pay more in taxes in that particular state.

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    Eventually 75 Percent Of Social Security Beneficiaries Would Receive Higher Benefits

    The option’s effect on benefits would phase in gradually, as workers spend more years contributing to Social Security under the new rules. Chart 3 shows the proportion of beneficiaries with higher benefits under this option, compared with current law.19 The proportion grows over the period shown.

    Four types of beneficiaries would not be affected by the option, specifically those who in 2017 and later: do not have earnings, do not have pre-tax employer-sponsored health insurance, earn above the Social Security taxable maximum, or have earnings not covered by Social Security.

    As the number of beneficiaries affected by the option increases, so too would benefits increase. Chart 4 shows the median percent change in benefits under this option.

    Benefit increases vary by earnings level and would increase over time with larger benefits for later cohorts. Chart 5 shows the median percent change in benefits under the option in three snapshot years broken down by shared lifetime earnings quintiles.

    Effect Of Aca On Projections

    MINT7 assumes the ACA would not have a significant effect on employer-sponsored health insurance coverage and premiums. While most people newly covered under ACA would receive Medicaid or buy insurance from health insurance exchangeswhich would not be affected by the optionothers will shift away from employer-sponsored coverage as a result of the ACA. The Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation assume that each year from 2019 to 2022, 3 million to 5 million fewer people will have employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, compared with current law .15 As far as premiums, the outlook is uncertain. The ACA will impose an excise tax on high-cost employer-sponsored health insurance plans starting in 2018. Some analysts expect this tax to cause some employers to shift compensation from health insurance premiums to wages . If this occurs, the vast majority of those wages would be subject to the Social Security tax.

    How Might Social Security Payments Affect The Way You Receive Medicare

    It wouldnt be accurate to state that Medicare comes completely at no cost. While you may receive Part A coverage for free, youll be required to pay a yearly premium for Part B. Your premium, also known as an income-related monthly adjustment amount , for Part B is calculated based on your income. Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage is priced based on where your income falls on the IRMAA scale as well.

    Just as they have an effect on how much you qualify for in subsidies to lower premium costs on ACA health insurance plans, Social Security payments as a part of your income will factor into how much of a monthly premium you pay for Medicare Parts B and D as well. Generally, the lower your monthly income, the lower your premiums will be.

    Health Resources For People With Disabilities

    Unemployed on Obamacare: Does withdrawls from my IRA or 401k count as ...

    Federal, state, and local government agencies and programs can help with your health needs if you have a disability.

    Visit USA.govs Government Benefits page to learn more about government programs and services that can help you and your family.

    Why Do Social Security And Ssdi Count As Magi

    There are some who mislabel Social Security income benefits as entitlements. The Social Security program is designed as a safety net to provide you with an income when you are of retirement age.

    Social Security Disability Insurance is a similar type of benefit that is designed to provide you with an income should you no longer be able to work due to disability. Both are paid via payroll taxes, with the funds being deposited into a trust where theyll be made available to you when you need them.

    Because Social Security and SSDI benefits are considered income, they factor into your MAGI. Even if they arent major sources of income for you, these sources will still be used to determine whether or not you qualify for subsidies that can reduce your health insurance premium.

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    Using Your Healthy Connections Plan

    Q. What medical services does Medicaid cover? A. Within certain limits, Medicaid will pay for services that are medically necessary. Examples of services that may be covered include doctor visits, medications, hospital visits, and many other medical services.

    If you have any questions about what is covered, to view a chart that shows each health plan and what they cover. You can also contact Healthy Connections toll-free at 1-888-549-0820.

    Q. How long will my Medicaid benefits remain active? A. Eligibility for most Healthy Connections programs lasts for 1 year. After 1 year, South Carolina Health and Human Services will review your case annually.

    Q. I was enrolled in S.C. Healthy Connections Choices and now am told I must choose between health plans. What should I do? A. The Healthy Connections Choices website offers comprehensive information on its health plans. Members may utilize a Quick Start Guide, search for doctors, compare plans, and more. Please visit S.C. Healthy Connections Choices for more information.

    Q. Do I need to tell South Carolina Healthy Connections when I move or change jobs? A. Yes. If you have any changes to your income, resources, living arrangements, address or anything else that might affect your eligibility you must report these changes to Healthy Connections right away at 1-888-549-0820.

    Q. What if my Medicaid card is lost or stolen? A. Report a lost or stolen card to Healthy Connections immediately at 1-888-549-0820.

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