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How To Find Someone By Social Security Number

Search By Social Security Number

How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

A Social Security Number, if you have one, should be the first search you try as it yields the best results. On the Person Tab on the Find People screen, type in the Subject’s SSN in the SSN field. It is not necessary to type the hyphens.

Even though SSNs are the most reliable identifier for an individual, they are not 100 percent dependable because some records may not contain a subject’s SSN. Therefore, a record for an individual may not appear when searching using SSN only. Conducting a second search using Name and State provides additional coverage.

Find A Subject In The Displayed List

Identify the number of unique persons by examining the SSNs. For each individual, examine their records to determine if the displayed age, geographic regions, middle name or initial, or first name fit what is known about the Subject. CLICK on the SSN of an individual you believe to be the Subject to get the optimal set of results including their current most probable address and phone number.

How To Find Someone Using Their Social Security Number

Social Security Number or SSN is a significant number when it comes to American citizens or temporary worker working in the United States of America. The SSN is a nine-digit number that is provided by the Social Security Administration. The significance of the number is that the number is a source of information about the holder. The number holds the distinction of having not only the information about the social security card benefits but also other paraphernalia of the holder.

Generally, the number is handy in providing the benefits issued by the U.S Government to its citizens. However, you can use the number to get information about the person. The number may be a key to identifying the general location of the holder. It is safe to say that SSN is the treasure trove of information about the holder.

To cite the importance of SSN as just the number for verification of identity would be an understatement. This is because nearly every critical document requires the customer to apply with their SSN. Thus if a person needs to find someone using SSN, it would be plausible for him to do so in few different ways.

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    Can You Find Someones Ssn From Public Records

    Many sites offer ways to search for anyone in their database. You may even be able to get the results within minutes after signing up with these services!

    USATrace.com is a good resource for this. Another way to perform this type of research is by using Google or any other major search engine on the internet like Yahoo and Bing.

    You can try contacting your states Department of Motor Vehicles and requesting information on the drivers license number associated with that person as well.

    If you have access to any court records, they might contain social security numbers too! But, in general, you wont be able to find the SSN on any public record without proper documentation.

    How Do I Check If My Ssn Is Being Used

    How To Find Someone

    If you believe your SSN is being used by someone else, the first thing to do would be to contact the Social Security Administration so they can review their records. If you have specific evidence of identity theft because of something that happened, the federal government provides a resource at IdentifyTheft.gov, which can provide resources for recovery.Other types of SSN searches such as a credit check may reveal people and places where an SSN has been used.

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    How Can I Find My Childs Social Security Number Online

    You probably will not be able to find your childs number anywhere online. If you have claimed them as a dependent on your previous tax returns, you will be able to find their SSN there. If not, then you will need to contact the Social Security Administration so that they can advise you on the proper steps for requesting a replacement card for your child.

    Can You Look Up Someone By Their Social Security Number

    If youre interested in finding someone and checking criminal records and other public records using a social security number, you can discreetly run a background check online.

    In fact, you dont even need to use an SSN almost all the available public records in our SSN search have been compiled and sorted so that you can search with just a name and last known city and state.

    As youll see, the preview results can be helpful to ensure youve got the right person and get an idea of the information thats available its quick, free, and might give you enough information for further searching. If you decide you want to dig deeper, you can get reports starting from about $10 not free, but its instant and thorough.

    There are also options for unlimited searches for one low rate, so if youre doing a lot of research, the cost per search can drop significantly. In fact, this is exactly what many private investigators do .

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    Are Social Security Records Public

    Social security records are not public they are held by the Social Security office and can be retrieved from a local Social Security office or securely online using login information provided by the SSA. These records include earnings as well as estimates for various benefits, including disability, survivors and retirement benefits that the individual and/or their family may be entitled to.

    Narrow List Of Results

    How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

    If your search returns a long list of results, we recommend adding the following criteria, if known, in this order:

    1. First Name or First Initial – If you are not sure of the entire first name, type an initial or the first few letters in the First Name field. If you are not sure of the subject’s proper name, try using a variation of the name.

    2. State – Entering a state narrows the results to subjects living in that state.

    3. City – Entering a city, in addition to the state, further narrows the results to subjects living in the specified city and state.

    4. County– Entering a county and state, further narrows the results to subjects living in the specified county. If you just enter the county name, the results will include subjects living in the requested county for all states.

    5. Middle Name or Initial – If your results return multiple listings with the same first and last name, add the Subject’s middle name or initial. Remember that some records do not contain middle names or initials and will be excluded.

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    Why Do You Need Someones Social Security Number

    There are a few reasons why you might need to find someones social security number. Some of the most common reasons include applying for a job, filling out a credit application, or filing taxes.

    In some cases, you may also need someones social security number to access their medical records.

    If you are not sure why you need someones social security number, it is best to contact the company or organization requesting it and ask them directly. People often need to provide their social security number for identification purposes.

    Some of the most common reasons include:

    • Applying for a job, credit card, or loan.
    • Filing taxes .
    • Looking up information on an individuals medical history.

    How Can I Find My Social Security Number Online

    You will need to have a My Social Security account to access your SSN online. If you have not already signed up for an account, then you will not be able to get one until you find your number using another method. Knowing your SSN is required to sign up for an account, but once you have the account, you can access it using your user name and password.

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    Filing A Formal Request At Social Security Administration

    This method is a tricky one. The Social Security Administration has the provision to find or locate the person using the SSN. The case in which such requests are granted is rare. Usually, in case of a dead person, the administration provides the location. In the most unusual of the cases, a living persons information is disclosed to other people.

    This provision is by Right to Information Act under U.S Constitution. U.S constitution bars any disclosure of information of its citizens. Unless there is a written consent from the person in motion or when there is an explicit directive from the Executive Wing of the Government.

    What If Someone Steals My Social Security Number

    What To Do if Someone Has Your Social Security Number?

    All of this is of course very interesting, but lets bring it back to the point of this article: what if some bad guy steals, obtains, guesses at, or otherwise gets hold of your Social Security Number? As it happens, all kinds of bad things!

    Because you have to have a Social Security Number to get a job in the United States , crooks are very fond of stealing SSNs specifically for the purpose of selling them to people who do not already have permission to work in the United States, so that those people can get a job.

    Nothing is wrong with people getting jobs, of course, but if they are using your Social Security Number, it can cause untold confusion and issues with your taxes and your Social Security benefits. You could even LOSE your Social Security benefits and that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    As you can see, it is very important for you to be able to tell whether someone is using your Social Security Number without your permission. In this article, I will show you several methods of detecting whether your Social Security Number has been compromised.

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    Get A Persons Voluntary Consent

    If you are looking for the social security number of someone else, one way to do so is by getting his voluntary consent. This can be done if the person himself wants to give it out in writing.

    You can ask him directly or write an email requesting that he gives you his SSN as soon as possible. You can also include your reasons for getting hold of his SSN in the email.

    However, this method is not foolproof as it will only be successful if the person you are asking wants to give his SSN in writing.

    Is Social Security Number Public Record

    There are numerous sources of Social Security numbers, including publicly and privately accessible databases. Many public documents, such as bankruptcy filings and court records, contain the Social Security numbers of the parties involved in a legal case. Several states block the publication of social security numbers in public records, in response.

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    How To Match A Social Security Number With A Name

    Social security numbers can be matched with a name by using an FCRA approved background check or approved credit check. Social security numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration and have become the main identifier for US taxation and other official purposes. SSNs are used as a way of verifying identity for things like background checks, tenancy, bank loans, and credit purposes. There are only select authorized purposes for requesting this information and they almost always require the approval of the person being researched.

    Things You Should Know Before You Attempt To Find Someone’s Ssn

    How To Find Social Security Number by Name Free

    Docusearch is a licensed private investigative agency with over 35 years of experience finding Social Security Numbers and sensitive, non-public information for permissible purposes. Our unparalleled access to sensitive information is why we’re the favorite among leading attorneys and debt collectors, nationwide.

    Read our guide below or start your search now:

    This Guide provides everything you need to know to find someone’s Social Security Number for permissible purposes. All our searches are performed by real Private Investigators and the subject is never contacted. We’ve provided an FAQ list below on 6 answers you should know before requesting to find a Social Security Number.

  • 1. Are Social Security Numbers Considered Public Records? Though used for a variety of purposes, Social Security Numbers ARE NOT public records, as they allow access to many sensitive documents and personal information. More regarding privacy…
  • 2. Is It Legal To Search For Someone’s Social Security Number? Generally not, however there are permissible exceptions such as child support collection, debt collection, civil or criminal litigation, 1099 issuance and fraud, to name a few. More on permissible purpose…
  • 3. If Have a Permissible Purpose, What Must I Do To Find A Social Security Number? You should place your order request with Docusearch and be interviewed by our Compliance Department to authenticate your identity and substantiate your permissible purpose. More on compliance…
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    Someone May Be Using Your Ssn

    Quick Links

  • Someones Got Your Number What Can You Do?
  • People can use your Social Security Number to access bank accounts, open new accounts, and more. If this is happening it may go undetected.

    A lot of times there are indications that something is amiss. These are the top five signs your information has been compromised.

    Check Your Credit Report

    The Social Security Administration can tell you if someone is working on your SSN and the IRS can tell you if someone is filing taxes on it, but only your credit agencies can tell you if someone is using your SSN to acquire and use credit in your name.

    There are three major credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. They each have slightly different methodologies and scoring programs, but they all more or less provide the same service.

    You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report every 12 months . By contacting each service and requesting your report, you can immediately spot any suspicious activity on your credit accounts. Look for credit card applications, loan applications, and any debt you dont recognize.

    Requesting your reports is simple:

    is a reputable service, and if you sign up for it you can keep a monthly eye on your credit score and your credit history, making it very difficult for an identity thief to put one over you in the long run.

    What Is A Social Security Number

    A Social Security number is a nine-digit identifier used by the United States government to identify an individual for taxation and identification purposes.

    When a person is born in the United States, the Social Security Administration assigns them a unique Social Security number , which can be used as their lifetime identification number.

    Individuals Social Security numbers can be used to keep track of their earnings and contributions to the Social Security system. Job applications, tax returns, and other government documents are frequently abbreviated.

    In addition, many private companies require social security numbers to conduct credit checks on their customers. As a result, a persons social security number can be stolen or shared with others who do not have permission.

    Search By Telephone Number

    How to Find Someone

    On the Person Tab within the People menu, type a telephone number. You may search by a telephone number with or without the area code. If you do not know the area code, you can search using only the seven digit telephone number with or without the State.When available, the search results may include the abbreviation for the Time Zone corresponding to the phone number. This additional information is helpful for pre-call planning. The nine standard time zones for the United States are: Atlantic Standard Time , Eastern Standard Time , Central Standard Time , Mountain Standard Time , Pacific Standard Time , Alaskan Standard Time , Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time , Samoa standard time , Chamorro Standard Time . From the second Sunday in March through the first Sunday in November abbreviations for the areas on Daylight Saving Time will change in each time zone change along with Daylight Saving Time. Eastern Standard Time becomes Eastern Daylight Time , and so forth. Arizona, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa do not observe Daylight Saving Time.

    Formal Petition From Court

    This is one of the unlikeliest of events that can occur. However, for the sake of the list of Social Security Number, we are going to consider this. According to the law of U.S.A, a written order from the court can grant the person close to the person in context to receive the information about the body of the person in context.

    In simple words, if you need to find that the person is alive or not. Then you can appeal the court. The court, accordingly, would identify the person in context with the name and location. This is a sporadic occurrence. This is usually seen in case of soldiers or veterans of war. The relatives or family make the appeals in dire circumstances.

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    People Search:

    Free And Commercial Sites

    If you have no luck with the SSA, you can also find people through their SSN online through free and paid services. Many of these services are commercially run, but with a little research, you can find some government- and family-run services as well. Be careful to research the site to ensure that it offers a credible service, as giving away an SSN may lead to identity theft.


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