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This website is not associated with the Social Security Administration or any government services and is for general information only. Although we attempt to keep the information up to date, some information may be out of date. Please contact your local Social Security Office to obtain information directly from the SSA.

Show Up With Your Documents

When you call for the appointment, be sure to ask the Claims Specialist which forms you should bring, and take notes. It may require some time to locate your documents, but if you cannot find all of them, bring what you have.

If you forget a document or cant find it, you may need to make another trip so its worth checking the notes you took while speaking with the Claims Specialist.

You should always bring your Social Security Card and a copy of any personal identifying information . If you have a US passport or US birth certificate, take them with you.

If you are not a US citizen or are naturalized, bring all documentation relating to your temporary or permanent resident status to your appointment.

An Office Visit Is Worth Your Time

Many people find that visiting the SSA office is the best way to get the help they need, and this is especially true of people who are unfamiliar with computers or the internet. The Claims Specialists are trained to answer questions about the process, and are there to help you with the most common reasons people visit the office: Social Security Disability applications, retirement benefits, and Social Security cards.

Its worth the time to go to the field office, but be sure to make an appointment, come prepared, ask questions, and find out what your next move is.

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How Do I Create A My Social Security Account

You can create a my Social Security account to access your Social Security Statement, check your earnings, and get your benefit estimates

To create a my Social Security account, you must be at least 18 years old and have:

  • A valid email address.
  • A Social Security number.
  • A U.S. mailing address.

    Once you have a valid email address, you are ready to set up your personal my Social Security account. Visit www.ssa.gov/myaccount, select the Create an Account button.

    If you receive benefits, you can:

  • Get your benefit verification letter.
  • Change your address and phone number.
  • Start or change your direct deposit.
  • Request a replacement Medicare card.
  • Get a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S for tax season.
  • Opt out of notices available online.
  • Mckinney Social Security Disability

    Social Security Offices in Texas

    McKinney, Texas, the governmental seat of Collin County, is a growing community, consistently ranking among the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. In 2010, McKinney had a population of 131,117 and credited local and county government manufacturing, distribution and retail facilities and educational institutions, including the local school district and community college, as the primary employers in the citys economy.

    McKinney is serviced by the Social Security Administrations Region 6 district office in Dallas. That office sees around 64,000 new claims each year and distributes Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income to more than 630,000 beneficiaries annually.

    SSDI is provided to people who have no employment income as a result of total or complete disability which last for twelve or more months. To qualify for SSDI, you must not only meet the SSAs disability requirements, you must also have accumulated sufficient work credits throughout the course of your employment, specifically during the previous decade before you submit a disability claim. If you do not meet the work credit requirements, you may still be eligible to receive SSI payments.

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    Top Tips For Visiting The Mckinney Office

    1. Make An Appointment

    To avoid waiting in line, the SSA strongly encourages people who can, to use the online services, call the office, and schedule appointments in advance rather than walking in without an appointment. Phone appointments can save you a trip to a busy office.

    Be aware, the McKinney office tends to be busiest first thing in the morning, early in the week, and during the early part of the month. Consider planning to visit at other times.

    2. Bring Necessary Documentation

    When you call the SSA, be sure you to ask the representative what forms you will need to bring to your appointment. This will prevent you from having to come back again if you forget your documentation. Here are some documents you may need to bring: US birth certificate, US passport, Social Security Card, etc.

    You can use this checklist to help you gather the information you need to apply. They request different documents depending on your circumstances. Remember that the SSA must see original document, or copies certified by the agency that issued them.

    3. Write Down a List of Questions

    This will make sure that you get all of your questions answered during your appointment and will save you time.

    4. Be Prompt or Early

    Whether you make an appointment or not, its always a good idea to show up 15 minutes early. You never know what kind of delays might come up on your way to the McKinney office.

    5. Be Polite and Patient

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    How Does The Coronavirus Impact Social Security

    The SSA has reopened all local offices for in-person services. The government agency recommends people who need help try online first, then phone, before making an in-person visit.

    If you must visit an office, please be aware:

  • Masks are required for all office visitors and employees. The SSA will provide a mask if you donot have one.
  • Visitor capacity is limited. This means you may need to wait outside, so plan for the weather.
  • The SSA asks that you come alone unless you require help with your visit. If you require help, the SSA staffcan only permit one adult to join you. Children are allowed.
  • My Social Security Card Was Lost/stolen What Should I Do

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    If your Social Security card has been lost or stolen, you need to act immediately! You will need to request a replacement card, but you should also take the proper steps to prevent identity theft. Thieves could use your information to apply for loans, obtain credit cards, or file fraudulent tax returns in your name. You should place a fraud alert on your Social Security number and keep a watch on your credit report. Also be aware of scams that attempt to steal your SSN.

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    Social Security Mckinney Office Services Provided:

    Apply for Benefits
    • Set Up or Change Direct Deposit
    Manage your account
    • 10824 N.Central Expwy, Dallas, TX 75231 20.1 mi
    • 2201 Colorado Blvd, Denton, TX 76205 26.69 mi
    • 2300 Dunson Dr, Balch Springs, TX 75180 29.7 mi
    • 2717 Terrell Road, Greenville, TX 75402 31.37 mi
    • 600 East Peyton, Sherman, TX 75090 33.97 mi
    • 2010 N State Hwy 360, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 35.75 mi

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    Mckinney Social Security Office 75070

    This page covers all relevant information about the McKinney Social Security Office at 3250 Craig Dr, McKinney, Texas 75070. In addition to the office phone number, we also provide driving directions, hours of operation, and answers to frequently asked questions.

    For specific information about your Social Security benefits or to schedule an appointment, call the McKinney Social Security Office using the phone number listed below. The SSA representatives at the McKinney office location should be able to help with any important questions related to Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits, SSI, or Medicare.

  • Receive a copy of your proof of benefits
  • Apply for SSDI or SSI benefits
  • Apply for Social Security survivor or spousal benefits
  • Apply for Medicare
  • Get a replacement Medicare card
  • The Way To Dart About Town

    Medical certificate or state or federal disability identifications required for proof of disability.Qualified disabilities are as follows:

  • Certified legally blind
  • Certified deaf or profound hard of hearing
  • Certified to be Non-ambulatory
  • Certified to be semi-ambulatory – uses mechanical aid
  • Physical disability
  • Certified for at least 50% VA disability
  • Certified for Social Security Disability Income
  • Certified as intellectual disability / intellectually disabled
  • Certified as having a seizure disorder
  • Certified as having a Mental Illness
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    What Is The Texas Health Information Counseling And Advocacy Program

    If you are eligible for Medicare, the Texas’ Health Information, Counseling and Advocacy Program can help you enroll, find information and provide counseling about your options. This partnership between the Texas Health and Human Services system, Texas Legal Services Center and the Area Agencies on Aging trains and oversees certified benefits counselors across the state.

    How Do I Know If Social Security Is Calling Me

    If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be Social Security beware. You can call Social Securitys customer service line at 800-772-1213 to confirm whether a communication purporting to be from SSA is real. If you get an impostor call or email, report it to SSA using their detailed online form.

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    How Do I Apply For A Temporary Social Security Card

    Requesting a replacement card online is the fastest way to get your new card however, if you need a temporary Social Security card, then you will need to head down to your local SSA office. While they will not technically issue a temporary card, they will give you a receipt showing that your new card has been requested. This receipt can act as a sort of temporary card in some cases.

    A Guide To Your Local Ssa Office Visit

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    The Social Security Administration local office is the location that handles all types of Social Security claims and applications, from retirement to Social Security Disability Insurance to Supplemental Security Income . When you visit, you can get more help if you have questions ready for the representative who serves you.

    Use these tips to ensure your SSA trip goes as smoothly as possible, with few hassles and hiccups. It helps to go prepared.

  • Schedule Your Visit
  • Show up with Your Documents
  • Bring a List of Questions
  • Be Polite and Patient
  • Ask What to Do Next
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    Social Security Offices In Collin County Texas

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    Reviews Of The Mckinney Social Security Office 75070 Office

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    Change address and email address


    I contacted the Social Security Administration to inquire about switching from receiving benefits on my spouses record to receiving benefits on my own record, since I recently turned 70. I was told that most changes can be done online but this one cannot it requires going in person to my local SSA office but that I could make an appointment to do so. Collin County SSA office refused to make an appointment, told me to complete the process online or come in to the office to wait my turn. No wonder people get frustrated with the SSA.

    Sreela Sasi

    Social Security Office missed updating my information, and my medicare PlanB was withdrawn. I came to know this when I went for a flu shot on October 1, 2021. I called medicare and they suggested calling Social Security Office. When I called the first Officer was kind of saying the fault was with me and he transferred to someone and it went to voice Mail. In the afternoon I called again and one Officer, Mr. Jaison Rabb attended and was so kind enough to look into the situation and resolving my problem. Many many thanks to him!!

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    How Do I Protect Myself From Social Security Scams

    Scammers use phone calls, emails, text messages, and letters to impersonate Social Security personnel and trick people into giving up personal information.

    Common tactics include asking for your Social Security number and threatening to cut off Social Security benefits if personal information isnt provided.

    Always remember, the Social Security Administration offers free forms and services.

    If you suspect that youve been a victim of a Social Security scam or wish to report any attempts, you can call the Office of the Inspector General hotline from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays.

    You can also submit a fraud report through the OIG website.

    How Do I Apply For Social Security Benefits

    The easiest and quickest way to apply for retirement, spouses, ex-spouses, or Medicare benefits is to apply online. If you do not wish to use the online application, or the application for the benefit you want is not available online, you can call 931-2731or visit your local McKinney SSA office. .

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    What Services Does The Partnership Provide

    • Medicare and Medicaid information and education
    • Help with original Medicare eligibility, enrollment, benefits, complaints, rights and appeals
    • Explain Medicare Supplemental insurance policy benefits and comparisons
    • Explain Medicare Advantage and provide comparisons and help with enrollment and disenrollment
    • Explain Medicare Prescription Drug coverage, help compare plans and search for other prescription help
    • Information about long-term care insurance

    The partnership also helps with the following programs. Benefit Counselors are specially trained to help you understand all the fine print to find and apply to a plan that works for you. They advocate for you with these programs and help you get the services you need.

    How Do I Change The Name On My Social Security Card

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    There are a couple of ways you can perform a Social Security card name change. The easiest is by making the request online through your My Social Security account. Depending on the state you live in, you might be unable to complete the request online. If you cannot, then you will need to mail in the application for name change with the required documentation or visit your local Social Security office.

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    How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits

    If you need to apply for disability benefits, you have a few options. You can apply online, over the phone, or at your local office. The online application is the quickest and easiest way, but the other methods are available should you need them. Should you need to apply over the phone, simply call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 .

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    Can I Apply For Medicare Benefits At This Mckinney Office

    If you decide to enroll in Medicare during your Initial Enrollment Period, you can sign up for Parts A and/or B by: Visiting your local Social Security office. Calling Social Security at 800-772-1213. Before you decide how you want to go about applying for Medicare, you need to understand the different parts of the program and which ones you need. .

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    What Are The Opening Hours Of The Offices

    Under normal conditions, the hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and closed on weekends.

    Please note that hours may vary on local or national holidays such as Thanksgiving, Juneteenth: Sunday, June 19 , Memorial Day: Monday, May 30, Veterans Day: Friday, November 11, Good Friday: Friday, April 15, Easter: Sunday, April 17.

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