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Complete Forms For Illinois Agencies

Are Social Security Numbers In Illinois At Risk For Fraud From Other State Agencies?

The next forms to complete are to update your information for your drivers license , birth certificate , and voter registration card . Of these, your drivers license should be your first priority, but its important to get an original copy of your birth certificate as soon as you can. If you do not update your voter registration card, you will be denied your voting rights next time you try to vote.

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SSA issues SSNs to non-U.S. citizens that are authorized to work in the U.S. Students and scholars in F-1 or J-1 Exchange Visitor statuses, employees in H-1B, TN and O-1 statuses and pending permanent U.S. residency applicants must have an authorized, paying job to be eligible for an SSN.

Per SSA guidance, SSA cannot issue a Social Security number solely for you to open a bank account or get an Illinois State Drivers License.

If SSA rejects your application and indicates you are ineligible for an SSN, you will receive a letter stating that you are not eligible for an SSN, known as a Form L-676.

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Please Answer A Few Questions To Help Us Determine Your Eligibility

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If you live in Illinois and are disabled, you can receive cash assistance through the state’s Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled program or through the federal governments. The federal government has two programs that provide payments to people who meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled: Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income . The federal government is primarily responsible for administering both SSDI and SSI however, the states also work with the SSA to assist with the process.

Social Security Number & Itin

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The Social Security Administration is the U.S. federal agency that oversees financial protection through retirement, disability, and survivors benefits to U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents. The SSA also issues Social Security Cards that contain a unique Social Security Number to applicants. SSNs are used to report a persons wages to the U.S. government and to determine a persons eligibility for Social Security and other government services. For more information, see the SSA publication, Social Security Numbers for Noncitizens.

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What Is The Process For Applying For Federal Benefits In Illinois

There are three different options for applying for SSDI or SSI, depending on whether you are eligible for SSDI or SSI.

SSDI applicants can apply online. If you are applying for SSDI, you can apply online at www.ssa.gov/pgm/disability.htm. SSI applicants cannot apply online.

You can apply at your local field office. You can apply at your local field office regardless of whether you are applying for SSI or SSDI. Some field offices require appointments so call the SSA at 800-772-1213 before you go.

You can apply by telephone. You also have the option of applying by phone for either SSI or SSDI. You can apply by calling 800-772-1213.

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What Kind Of Documentation Do I Need To Bring

The documentation you need to bring varies depending on what type of business you need to conduct at your local office. However, there are a few things that you should always bring along to your appointment. First, you need to bring your Social Security card. You will also need to have a valid photo ID, like a drivers license or passport. In some cases, you might need a marriage certificate or divorce decree if you need to apply for spousal benefits. You might also need a death certificate when applying for survivor benefits. These are the most common documents that you will need at the Social Security office.

Social Security Region : Chicago

IDES Makes Changes After Privacy Breach Revealed Social Security Numbers

Region 5 of the Social Security Administration includes the following: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. The region also includes 221 Field offices, 6 Offices of Disability Determination Services, 6 Tele-service centers, and the Twin Cities Social Security Card center. If you need help or have questions while filing or appealing for Social Security Disability Benefits, contact your local relevant Office for assistance.

Within Region 5, there are a little over 1,760,000 individuals who receive SSDI and approximately 1,200,000 individuals receive SSI. Overall, around 7.2% of the population in the region is considered disabled by the SSAs standards and the SSA gave out on average about 2.54 billion dollars in benefits per month in 2013.

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Health Insurance And Other Benefit Resources

The DuPage County Health Department can help you apply for the following benefits:

Complete health insurance for your child and family is available. Eligibility requirements apply.

To apply, you will need to bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • Social Security card or number
  • A valid photo ID, birth certificate or US Passport
  • If you are not a US Citizen, bring your LPR documents
  • Proof of Illinois residency
  • Proof of income for 90 days for all types of earned and unearned income

Complete health and dental insurance for adults ages 19 to 64 is available. Eligibility requirements apply.

To apply, you will need to bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • Social Security card or number
  • A valid photo ID, birth certificate or US Passport
  • If you are not a US Citizen, bring your LPR documents
  • Proof of Illinois residency
  • Proof of income for 90 days for all types of earned and unearned income

For more information or to apply on your own, please visit the ABE website.

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What Is Social Security

In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. This new federal legislature started the collecting of taxes in 1937. Since then, working citizens across the United States began paying into social security in order to have a form of guaranteed income once they reached retirement age.

The Social Security Act was initially meant to be a form of basic retirement for working individuals. However, in 1939, an amendment was made to the act that allowed spouses and/or children to begin receiving social security survivor benefits if a parent or spouse was deceased and qualified for social security income.

Social Security Offices Within 100 Miles

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This website is not associated with the Social Security Administration or any government services and is for general information only. Although we attempt to keep the information up to date, some information may be out of date. Please contact your local Social Security Office to obtain information directly from the SSA.

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Use Of Social Security Numbers

The Illinois Department of Employment Security collects and uses social security numbers in the administration of the unemployment insurance and employment service programs. State and federal law require the Department to use SSNs for the purpose of verifying the identity of unemployment benefit claimants. SSNs are used in the administration of the employment service program to verify that unemployment benefit claimants have registered for work with the employment service, as required by law. The Department also uses SSNs in the development of aggregate statistics. The aggregate statistics do not identify individuals or disclose any SSNs. The Department complies with the strict requirements set forth in federal and state law for maintaining the confidentiality of SSNs and protecting against their unauthorized disclosure.

How Can I Replace My Social Security Card

You can easily replace your Social Security card by requesting a replacement card online through a My Social Security account. As long as no other information is changing, the request can be made online. If you are performing a name change or other change, then you will need to complete the Form SS-5 application and submit it by mail or in-person. The quickest way to get your new card is by completing the request online. The card will be mailed to you within 10 to 14 days in most cases.

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In the unfortunate event that your Social Security Card is damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to apply for a replacement. Non-U.S. citizens cannot apply for a replacement Social Security Card online. You will need to follow the application steps outlined above for your particular status. Please note that applying for a replacement Social Security Card is free. Websites claiming to expedite the processes or complete it online for you at a fee are scams.

Kankakee Illinois Woman Sentenced To 14 Months In Prison For Theft Of Social Security Benefits

IDES Workers Not Aware How To Handle Letters With Social Security Numbers

For Immediate Release

URBANA, Ill. A Kankakee, Illinois, woman, Sharrie McInnis, 49, of the 1100 block of East Merchant Street, was sentenced on March 7, 2022, to 14 months of imprisonment, to be followed by three years of supervised release, for theft of public money.

The government previously stated at McInniss change-of-plea hearing that McInnis had been claiming Title II Child-In-Care benefits for a grandchild that was not actually in her care. The total fraudulent benefits received amounted to $22,849.

At the sentencing hearing, U.S. District Judge Colin S. Bruce found that McInnis received additional improper Social Security payments under other titles, resulting in a total of $98,701.74 in overpayments. Judge Bruce ordered McInnis to pay full restitution to the Social Security Administration.

McInnis previously pleaded guilty to the one-count indictment in the case in October 2021. The statutory penalties for a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 641 are up to 10 years of imprisonment and up to three years of Supervised Release.

Maintaining the integrity of the Social Security benefit system is critically important for the welfare of all who have paid into it, said Assistant U.S. Attorney William J. Lynch, who represented the government in the prosecution.

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OIS strongly recommends that you wait at minimum one business day from the date you complete your Immigration Check-In with OIS to apply for your SSN. SSA must verify your immigration status in order to accept your application and it takes one business day for federal databases to communicate information about your arrival and status to SSA.

Applying too early for your SSN may result in significant delay of receiving your card.

How Much Cash Assistance Can I Get From Illinois

In 2019, you can receive up to $771 a month in federal SSI payments . If you can show that your expenses are higher than the amount of your SSI check, Illinois’ AABD program will supplement the federal SSI payment. The AABD program has complicated formulas for determining whether you can receive an AABD payment, based on allowable maximums for certain items. The DHS policy manual lays out the AABD allowances.

You can apply for AABD cash assistance at the Illinois Department of Human Services website or at your local DHS office. But if you live in Cook County, you apply at the district DHS office.

If you have too much income for SSI, you may be eligible for AABD. You can find out whether your eligible on the AABD page of DHS’s website.

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How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits

If you need to apply for disability benefits, then completing an application online is the quickest and easiest way to do it. This will allow you to get an initial determination of your eligibility faster. You can also apply over the phone or in-person at your local office. Remember that you will need to call and schedule an appointment as no walk-ins are currently being accepted. If your benefits are denied, you can also file an appeal online. Many people choose to hire an attorney during the appeals process, so you might choose to go that route as well.

How Can I Check My Social Security Benefits

Lambda Legal sues Social Security Administration for fourth same

You can easily check your Social Security benefits online at SSA.gov through a My Social Security account. This account allows you to do many things through the Social Security Administration. First, you can get information about your existing benefits. You can also estimate future benefits using their benefit calculator tools. You also have access to your earnings history and other valuable information about your Social Security benefits.

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How Do I Change The Name On My Social Security Card

If you need to change the name on your Social Security card, you should submit an application to the Social Security Administration, along with the proper documentation. The Form SS-5 application should be completed and returned to the Social Security Administration by mail or in-person. Name changes cannot be accomplished online at this time. Remember that you will need to include evidence of your name change along with your application. This could be a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order of a legal name change.

My Social Security Card Was Lost/stolen What Do I Do

If your Social Security card has been lost or stolen, you can request a replacement card online through your My Social Security account. Requesting your card online will usually allow you to receive your new card within 10 to 14 days. In addition to requesting a new card, you should also keep a close eye on your credit report. Identity thieves may attempt to use your information to establish credit or new accounts in your name. Sign up for a credit monitoring service and put a fraud alert on your Social Security number with the major credit bureaus. If someone has already tried to use your information, then you might even consider placing a credit freeze on your SSN.

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Making Your Social Security Office Visit Pain

In order to ensure that visiting your Social Security Office is a smooth and pain-free experience, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Arriving early can help reduce the time you spend waiting in line. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment.
  • Even if you arrive early, you may be faced with wait times. Try to stay calm and remember that the office workers are doing their best!
  • Coming prepared with the necessary documents is essential. In many cases you’ll need to bring a birth certificate, passport, proof of United States citizenship or legal US residency, and other documents. If you’re unsure as to what you’ll need, call your Social Security Office in Alabama in advance to double-check!

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