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Am I Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits

Melissa Proudian Lawyer Fresno CA Social Security Disability

The SSA has created a five-step process to determine whether an application for SSD is approved. The criteria include the following:

Step One: Is the applicant working? The SSA will not consider a person for disability if they make more than a specified amount each month. If they make less than the designated amount, the SSA will take a more in-depth look at the applicants medical condition.

Step Two: Is the applicants medical condition severe? For the SSA to rule the applicant disabled, the medical condition must prevent the applicant from performing basic functions of work for at least one year. If this is the case, the SSA will look at step three.

Step Three: Is the applicants medical condition on the SSAs list of disabling conditions? If the applicants medical condition is not on the list of illnesses that automatically qualify for disability, the SSA will check to see if the condition is as severe as those on the list. If the condition does not fit the list, the SSA will look at step four. Some of the SSAs disabling conditions include:

  • Mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder, autism, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Musculoskeletal system problems, such as back and spine conditions, arthritis, amputations, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis and fibromyalgia
  • Skin disorders, such as psoriasis, burns and ichthyosis
  • Senses and speech issues, such as vision, hearing and speech loss
  • Dont Wait Until Its Too Late

    Even though we can start working on your case today, you should never wait until its too late. You should start the process as soon as you know you have a problem. We can start to give you advice immediately to get your situation under control. After reading your free social security disability guide, .

    Sometimes, our clients are overwhelmed by the process. This can paralyze you and prevent you from moving forward. Dont let this stop you. Thats what were here for. We shoulder the burden so you dont have to. But that doesnt mean you should wait.If your claim has been denied, contact us immediately. We can contact the Social Security Administration on your behalf so you dont have to.

    There are strict deadlines in disability cases. The sooner we can get the work, the easier it will be for us to solve your problems.

    Social Security Disability Attorney Arm Lawyers

    • Summary: A Social Security disability attorney can help file claims for both long-term disability insurance and Social Security Disability. Award Winning Social Security
    • Matching search results: If your application for disability benefits is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. Its important to keep in mind, however, that the reconsideration process for SSD claims is lengthy and complicated. You should not appeal without

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    What Is The Most An Attorney Can Charge For Disability

    Here’s the great news, an SSDI lawyer will not cost anything upfront.

    The cost of disability attorney in Louisiana is the same as it is nationwide.

    Federal disability law fees are set by law and cannot exceed 25% of your back benefits.

    In many cases, the maximum is $6,000 . Thats because I generally use the fee agreement process.

    AND that amount is ONLY due if I am successful in representing you.

    If your claim is denied, you owe no attorney fees.

    Fees are only due when/if we win your case.

    For example, lets assume that we are successful in getting your disability benefits.

    Your onset date is set 17 months prior to todays date .

    Due to SSA laws, you can be paid 12 months of back benefits in this scenario .

    If your benefit amount is $850 per month, your back benefits would equal $10,200 .

    The attorneys fee on this amount would be $2,550 .

    If this number were above $6000, then only $6000 would be paid to your attorney.

    Winter Haven Social Security Disability Lawyers

    Social Security Disability Lawyers
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    • Summary: Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Types of SSD Benefits. The Social Security Administration provides four different benefit programs for
    • Matching search results: The SSA has a separate definition of disability for children, considering a child disabled if he or she is under the age of 18 and has a medically-determinable physical or mental impairment or combination of impairments that causes marked and

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    More Information About Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer

    Our Social Security disability attorneys are part of a larger community of Social Security appeal lawyers nearby. We understand that the American people have paid their dues, and if we are not taking care of people with disabilities we are not doing enough to make our country great for everyone. Want to learn more about “Social Security lawyers near me”? There are Social Security Disability Lawyers waiting to help people navigate the increasingly complicated Social Security Disability process. Talk to an attorney for Social Security disability near you today.

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    Get The Care And Help You Need With Your Social Security Disability Case

    Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time throughout Missouri, Illinois, and across the United States. For more than 40 years, the personal injury lawyers at Brown & Crouppen have been helping accident and disability victims get the justice they deserve. We have a team of attorneys that handle workers compensation and Social Security disability cases.

    You are not alone. Workers compensation and personal injury settlements are often not enough when you have a long-term disability as a result of your injury. Thats why SSD and SSI are such an important benefit. You paid into the system, and we want to help you pursue the SSD and SSI benefits you deserve.

    We know that the application and appeals process can be overwhelming. Appearing before an administrative law judge or appeals council can be scary. Let us help you get the legal advice you need. Weve helped thousands of people just like you with legal representation for their personal injury and Social Security disability cases. Watch some of their testimonials below and give us a call.

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    When To Talk To A Social Security Disability Lawyer

    • Summary: The general rule is the earlier, the better. If youre even considering filing for disability, you should call a disability attorney for a free consultation
    • Matching search results: From the initial application to the hearing level and beyond, disability attorneys understand how to present a case in the light most favorable to their clients. On the initial application, your lawyer can offer advice on your alleged onset date

    Types Of Social Security Disability Benefits

    Legal Experts Forum: Social Security Disability

    Disability Insurance Benefits : This is most popular benefit provided by the SSA. Disability insurance benefits cover millions of people who were recently employed but are now disabled. Eligible applicants include those who have worked a total of at least five of the 10 years before developing their disabilities. Dependents, including children and spouses, may also be able to collect if a parent qualifies for SSDI. Disability benefit amounts are based on the applicants work history and earnings.

    Disabled Adult Child Benefits : Disabled children between the ages of 18 and 22 may be eligible for benefits if their parents receive Social Security retirement benefits or SSD, or are deceased.

    Disabled Widow or Widower : These benefits are provided to widows or widowers over the age of 50 who develop disabilities within seven years of their spouses’ deaths. The widow or widower is required to have been married to the deceased for a minimum of 10 years.

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    Obtaining Social Security Disability And Supplemental Security Income Benefits

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    • Summary: Contact the Detroit Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income attorneys at Miller Cohen, P.L.C., today to schedule a free consultation
    • Matching search results: At a time when the government is looking to cut costs, qualifying for and receiving Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits can be a complicated process. A majority of initial applications for both benefits

    What To Do If Your Ssdi Claim Is Denied

    If your Social Security disability claim is denied, a Request for Reconsideration may be filed with the State Disability Determination Agency and a new adjudicator may be assigned to review the claim. If a Request for Reconsideration of your Social Security Disability claim is denied, a Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge may then be filed.

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    What You Need To Know About Social Security Disability In Pennsylvania

    If you are unable to work due to a disability, there are some things you should know about your Social Security rights:

    • Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income exist to help people who are unable to earn sufficient income.
    • If you have been hurt in a workplace accident, you may be eligible for both workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability.
    • Having your disability claim denied is not the end of the process. You still have options available to help you get the benefits you need. Your disability lawyer will be able to advise you on the next step.

    Among the many services the lawyers at Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo provide, we will prepare you for your disability hearing. With our guidance, you can anticipate the questions you may be asked at your hearing, and also amass helpful documentation about your injuries, making sure that you apply for a hearing within 60 days if your claim is denied.

    Will A Free Disability Lawyer Help Me Complete The Disability Activities Questionnaire

    Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer in Pittsburgh

    During the application process, Social Security will always ask you to complete a questionnaire that asks you all about your daily activities. It is called the FUNCTION REPORT ADULT and you can VIEW IT HERE. This is the most important document in the entire application process. Social Security never uses it to grant benefits. Social Security only uses the Adult Function Report to deny benefits.

    Can I Answer The Disability Activities Questionnaire Myself?

    The questionnaire looks very simple and straight forward. However, NEVER, NEVER, answer the Adult Function Report by yourself. Always seek assistance from an experienced disability lawyer, not a secretary or paralegal. A poorly worded answer to the Adult Function Report will stick with you throughout the entire disability application and appeal process. It can literally destroy your case. Remember, Social Security only uses the Adult Function Report Activities Questionnaire for one purpose, to deny your claim. You need help with this questionnaire.

    What If My Disability Attorney or Representative Tells Me To Complete the Disability Activities Questionnaire Myself?

    Social Security Professionals Provides Free Assistance With the Disability Activities Questionnaire

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    No Matter Where You Live No Matter The Legal Issue We Assist Connecting You With The Top

    Do you have a legal issue, but dont know where to start?

    Get the legal information you need to solve your legal issues. Well match you with an experienced social security disability attorney, motor vehicle accident lawyer, personal injury attorney, or any attorney within our network to work with you on your legal issues. You are not obligated to hire the lawyer once you are matched and it gets even better, for Social Security disability attorneys nearby, they only get paid when they win your case! Same with car accident lawyers! So dont wait, fill out our form today and be contacted within minutes by a lawyer who can help.

    Disabled Due To Injury Or Illness You Need An Experienced New York Social Security Benefits Lawyer

    Sadly, too many New Yorkers don’t go after the SSD benefits they’ve worked so hard to pay into throughout their lives. Applying for Disability benefits is a complicated process and can be frustrating due to common SSD application mistakes that will delay or prevent SSD payments. It is also difficult to understand the difference between SSDI and SSI , so many folks give up altogether. Others won’t submit an SSD application, because they have too much pride and think it’s a hand-out. In fact, each of us has put money into the SSD FICA account with every hour we’ve worked, just as we deposit the rest of our paycheck into a personal bank account. As trusted SSD attorneys who have been helping New Yorkers obtain SSD payments during tough times, we will help fight for your rights too!

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    Why Should I Call A Disability Lawyer For A Free Consultation At Social Security Professionals

    No matter where you reside, your disability attorney at Social Security Professionals can provide Free Consultation and Advice and effectively assist you with your Social Security Disability application, your hearing, and the filing of any appeals. Call Social Security Professionals to speak for free with a Disability Lawyer about handling your application or disability hearing. We receive a percentage fee only if you win. There are no attorney fees if you lose.

    Rob Levine & Associates Resources

    Ask the Legal Experts: Social Security Disability

    An experienced personal injury attorney is a critical aspect of pursuing a claim against the person or party that caused your injury. Not only is an attorney familiar with the law, they can also help you navigate legal and practical challenges that frequently arise in any personal injury case.

    A lawyer is also a great resource for addressing questions about what types of compensation you may be eligible to receive and explaining how to approach your personal injury claim altogether.

    Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations, and most of them are between two and four years, depending upon the state in which you reside. As such, its of the utmost importance that you consult an attorney today to file your claim immediately.

    Our dedicated team of lawyers and their supporting staff handle all the work for you so you can relax and focus on healing.

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    Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Lawyers

    • Summary: Get help for your claims with the top rated Social Security Disability lawyers in Pennsylvania. No fee unless you win. Call 888-376-1487
    • Matching search results: You might qualify for SSDI if you suffer from a qualifying disability or a terminal illness that prevents you from working or performing your normal responsibilities at work for at least 12 months. Additionally, your work history must show that you

    Conditions That Qualify For Ssd Benefits

    To see if your medical condition qualifies as a disability, you can look in the Social Security Disability Blue Book . There are two sections in the Blue Book-SSA Medical Listings and Childhood Listings . Although the two sections are similar, there are additional conditions listed under Childhood Listings. Each condition corresponds to a numbered category, and within each category, conditions have a specific number. The subcategory of each condition gives a comprehensive description and the requirements for SSD eligibility. There are a wide variety of disabling conditions in the Blue Book, including the severity of the conditions that will automatically qualify you for SSD benefits. Some of the conditions listed in the SSD Blue Book include:

    • Issues Related to Speech and Senses
    • Other Syndromes

    If the medical condition which leaves you disabled falls under a Blue Book category you stand a much greater chance of having your disability benefits claim approved. If your specific condition is not listed in the Blue Book-or does not meet the exact definition in the book-you may still be able to qualify for disability benefits. If your disabling condition medically equals the criteria in another Blue Book Listing, you may still be eligible for benefits.

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    Phoenix Arizona Ssd Guide

    If your initial application for Social Security disability benefits was denied, do not be discouraged. Most initial applications for Social Security disability benefits in Phoenix and throughout the country are denied. However, more than half of the Social Security disability applicants who pursue their claim to a hearing before an administrative law judge are awarded benefits. The Phoenix disability lawyers from Legal Giant have extensive experience representing Social Security disability claimants in administrative hearings and in subsequent federal court appeals, when necessary. We wont give up on your case until you have received the benefits you deserve or we have exhausted all reasonable appeals.

    The Social Security disability claims process can be both overwhelming and lengthy. However, Legal Giant can help you navigate the process and win your benefits as quickly as possible. In Phoenix, AZ, the process begins with an initial application for benefits, which if denied can be appealed by filing a request for hearing.

    Three Types of SSD Benefits Available in Phoenix

    Under the governance of the Social Security Administration, there are three types of Social Security disability benefits issued in Phoenix Arizona. In addition to SSD, there is also Disabled Widow benefits which are suited for survivors of a parent or spouse. Compensation is distributed based on how long your loved one worked. However, there are specific qualifications that must be met.

    Why Hire A Social Security & Disability Attorney

    Social Security Disability Lawyer in Westminster

    Social Security lawyers most often help clients get disability benefits in the form of SSDI and SSI . These lawyers can also offer help with Social Security Retirement and Survivors Benefits claims.While it is helpful to hire an Social Security attorney to help apply for disability benefits, a lawyer is most valuable when your disability claim has been denied. At this point, the attorney can help you navigate the disability appeals process, from crafting an argument for the initial appeal, to representing you at the administrative hearing stage in front of the ALJ . Most disability claims are won at the appeals stage, and a lawyer will prove invaluable. Additionally, lawyers fees are only paid from a winning claim, so applicants need not worry about having to pay a lawyer to help them.

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