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Social Security Disability Payment Schedule 2021

Why The Adjustment Isnt A Perfect Solution To Seniors Rising Costs

Social Security Payment Schedule for June 2022 – SSA, SSDI, SSI

Its not clear right now whether higher Social Security payments will contribute to spiraling inflation. But Arnone said that older people are much more likely to spend money than save it, giving his organization a clear sense that it will help mitigate a recession.

Every month this year, the cost of inflation has far exceeded the 5.9 percent cost-of-living increase that was set at the end of 2021, Johnson said. That means last years COLA is not meeting the current economic strains.

Are Social Security Payments Taxed

Yes and No. First, we are attorneys and not CPAs. Any tax question should be directed at your CPA or your tax preparer.

Generally, the IRS will tax your SSDI benefits when half of your benefits, plus other income, exceeds an income threshold on your tax filing status.

If youre filing single, head of household, married filing separately, or qualifying widower, the threshold is $25,000.

If youre filing married and jointing, that threshold is $32,000. And if youre filing separately but lived with your spouse during the tax year, the threshold is $0

Supplemental Security Income Benefits are not taxable.

Note: Visit irs.gov to learn additional information on paying taxes social security benefits.

I Got My First Benefit Payment Why Wasnt I Paid For The First Seven Days

The first seven days of every new claim is a non-payable waiting period. The first payable day is the eighth day of your claim. Review the step-by-step overview for the DI Claim Process to learn more.

The Governors Executive Order N-25-20, signed March 12, 2020, waives the one-week unpaid waiting period for COVID-related DI claims with a start date of January 24, 2020, through September 30, 2021. You can collect DI benefits for the first week you are out of work.

Note: The Governors Executive Order N-08-21, signed June 11, 2021, returns the requirement to serve the one-week unpaid waiting period for COVID-related DI claims with a start date on or after October 1, 2021. You can collect DI benefits starting on the eighth day you are out of work.

If you are eligible, the EDD processes and issues payments within a few weeks of receiving a claim.

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What Is Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is a social insurance program funded by payroll taxes meant to help you if you become disabled. The program’s administrator, the Social Security Administration , generally allows you to earn coverage benefits if you meet their definition of disabled and are unable to work for a year or more.

The Social Security Disability Insurance program provides modest though vital benefits to you if you have suffered a serious and long-lasting medical condition that meets Social Security’s strict definition of disability. As a result, you can receive benefits if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Iii: Who Receives Ssdi

Social Security Disability Payment Calendar 2021

Eligibility criteria are strict, and most SSDI applicants are rejected. Applicants for SSDI benefits must be

  • Insured for disability benefits .
  • Suffering from a severe, medically determinable physical or mental impairment that is expected to last 12 months or result in death, based on clinical findings from acceptable medical sources.
  • Unable to perform substantial gainful activity anywhere in the national economy regardless of whether such work exists in the area where the applicant lives, whether a specific job vacancy exists, or whether he or she would be hired.

Lack of education and low skills are considered for older, severely impaired applicants who cant realistically change careers but not for younger applicants.

There is a five-month waiting period for SSDI, but Supplemental Security Income may be available during that period for poor beneficiaries with little or no income and assets.

SSA denies applicants who are technically disqualified and sends the rest to state disability determination services for medical evaluation. Applicants denied at that stage may ask for a reconsideration by the same state agency, and then appeal to an administrative law judge at SSA. Roughly half of people who get an initial denial pursue an appeal.

SSA monitors disability decisions at all stages of the process. SSA conducts ongoing quality reviews at all stages of the application and appeal process. Many reviews occur before any benefits are paid, thus reducing errors.

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Ssi Ssdi & Social Security 2022 Payment Schedule

Some recent news articles have caused confusion regarding Supplemental Security Income payments for 2022. Were here to clear things up!

SSI benefits are paid of the 1st of the month. If the 1st falls on the weekend payments are issued the Friday before the 1st.

Social Security payments, including Social Security Disability Income , are paid based on an individuals birthday as follows:

  • Birthday 1st -10th Second Wednesday
  • Birthday 11th 20th Third Wednesday
  • Birthday 21st 31st Fourth Wednesday

For those who began receiving Social Security before May 1997, or who receive Social Security and SSI, Social Security is paid on the 3rd and SSI on the 1st. Again, if the 1st falls on the weekend payments are issued the Friday before the 1st.

Individuals should be reassured that Medicaid has specific regulations noting that if a deposit is made at the end of the month due to the 1st falling on a weekend, the deposit will be counted toward the next months resource limit. For example, May 1, 2022 falls on a Sunday. This means the SSI payment for the month of May will be deposited on Friday, April 29. This will not count as income or resource in April because the funds are meant for May.

to view a calendar showing when individuals will receive Social Security and SSI payments in 2022.

If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 317-977-2375 or 800-382-9100 and ask to speak with a family advocate.

Understanding Social Security Payments

Social Security, officially known as the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program, provides monthly monetary benefits to qualified workers and their dependents . Itâs considered an entitlement program, wherein employees, employers, and the self-employed finance these benefits with their Social Security taxes, which are then put into two Social Security trust funds. Eligibility and benefit amounts are based on an individualâs contributions to Social Security and work history ).

The SSA offers three types of Social Security benefits:

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How Do You Calculate What My Weekly Benefit Amount For Disability Insurance Will Be

We will calculate your weekly benefit amount using a base period. This base period covers 12 months and is divided into four consecutive quarters of three months each.

Your weekly benefit amount is about 60 to 70 percent of wages earned 5 to 18 months before your claim start date, up to the maximum weekly benefit amount. You must have been paying SDI taxes on these wages . Your base period does not include wages paid at the time your disability begins.

You can get a general estimate of your weekly benefit amount using our Weekly Benefit Calculator. This calculator should be used as an estimate only.

Social Security Disability Evaluation Process

2021 VA Disability Pay Rates With Pay Chart

Though there are some conditions that the SSA considers so severe that they automatically render an applicant disabled, many conditions require careful screening, including answering these five questions:

  • Are you currently working? If you are working, you are not blind, and your earnings average more than $1,350 per month in 2022 , then you will not be considered disabled. If you are not working, or if your income falls below Substantial Gainful Activity limits, move on to question two.
  • Is your condition severe? If Social Security determines that your condition does not interfere with basic work-related activities, then you will not be considered disabled. If your condition does interfere with basic work-related activities, move on to question three.
  • Is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions? Social Security maintains a list of disabling medical conditions that automatically qualify you as disabled. If your condition is not one of these, then Social Security will determine if it is severe enough to qualify. If it is deemed severe enough, you will be considered disabled and your application will be approved. If not, move on to question four.
  • Can you do the work you did previously? If your condition does not interfere with your ability to do the work that you used to do, then you will not be considered disabled. If it does, move on to question five.
  • In addition, qualifying conditions must be expected to last at least one year or result in death.

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    How Is Cola Calculated

    The cost-of-living increase is purely a mathematical formula though it wasnt always that way, said National Academy of Social Insurance CEO William Arnone.

    Social Security was established in the 1930s, but Congress first increased Social Security payments in 1950, and continued to do so every few years for more than two decades, according to the SSA. In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a rule into law that the yearly increase be tied to consumer prices.

    Since then, the Bureau of Labor Statistics compares the average consumer price index for workers for July, August and September of the current year to the average number for the previous year. That percent change then becomes the annual increase in Social Security payments, according to the Social Security Administration. COLAs cant be negative if theres a decrease in the percent change, there will be no COLA.

    Inflation had already started to creep up by the end of 2020, which is why payments jumped 5.9 percent in 2021. As prices soared in 2022, a large cost-of-living adjustment was expected before it was confirmed Thursday.

    Option 2 Direct Deposit Into Direct Express Debit Mastercard

    Second, if you do not have a bank account or are not able to get one, the Treasury Department has another solution for electronic payments:

    You can sign up for a Direct Express Debit MasterCard, which is a prepaid debit card that works similar to a traditional bank debit card.

    The Direct Express card is accepted anywhere Debit Mastercards are accepted.

    You can also use your Direct Express debit card to make purchases and also get cashback at the grocery store or to purchase money orders at the post office.

    What Happens if I Dont Sign up for Electronic Payments?

    If you just signed up to receive Social Security or Disability benefits and did not provide electronic payment information, heres what will happen:

    The SSA will make the choice for you and send your monthly benefit payments to you via the Direct Express debit card.

    If you are already receiving Social Security or Disability benefits by check and have not signed up for electronic payments, heres what to expect:

    At some point soon, the SSA will switch your payments to a Direct Express card and a debit card will be mailed to you.

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    Electronic Delivery Of Disability Payments

    As of March 1, 2013, Social Security stopped mailing paper checks. Beneficiaries are now required to receive their monthly payments electronically.

    If you are still receiving paper check, the SSA will probably switch your payments to electronic delivery by signing you up for the Direct Express Debit card.

    There are two ways you can receive your benefits electronically:

    Direct deposit of your disability payment: This option deposits your payment into your bank account on the day you are paid.

    You need a checking or savings account with a bank or credit union to use this option.

    Direct Express Debit Card: If you do not sign up for direct deposit, your benefits will be paid to you via Direct Express debit card option.

    The Direct Express debit card works anywhere Debit Mastercards are accepted.

    You can also use your Direct Express debit card to make purchases and also get cash back at the grocery store or to purchase money orders at the post office.

    How Does Cost Of Living Affect Social Security Disability Payments

    Sassa Payment Dates

    The Social Security Administration makes payment adjustments each year to people receiving Social Security disability benefits. The adjustment payments made through Social Security retirement, Social Security Disability Insurance , and Supplemental Security Income programs reflect cost-of-living adjustments. This COLA increase is based on the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers. For 2021, the COLA adjustment is 5.9% for 2022.

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    Do I Need To Report My Disability Insurance Benefits For Tax Purposes

    No, your Disability Insurance benefits are not reportable for tax purposes. However, if you are receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits, become unable to work due to a disability, and begin receiving DI benefits, a portion of your DI benefits will be reported for tax purposes.

    If this happens, we will send you a notice with your first benefit payment. This notice will tell you that your benefits are being reported to the IRS. In January we will provide you with a 1099G form showing the reportable amounts paid . We will also send a copy of the 1099G to the IRS.

    Is Ssdi The Same Thing As Ssi

    No. While both programs are run by the Social Security Administration, there are important differences between them.

    SSI stands for Supplementary Security Income. It is a disability program available to people with disabilities who qualify for benefits based on financial need.

    SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance. It is a disability program based on your work history and earnings.

    However, while SSI is needs-based, SSDI is an insurance-based program. Workers pay into the program through payroll taxes taken out of their paychecks.

    The amount withheld from your paycheck for FICA goes to Social Security, and while most of that money is for retirement, 15 cents of every dollar goes into SSDI to compensate you if you become disabled from working.

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    How Social Security Payment Schedule Works

    When you receive your Social Security Retirement Benefits or Disability Benefits depends on your birthday.

    • 1- If your birthday falls between the 1st and 10th of the month, youll receive SSDI benefits on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
    • 2- If your birthday falls between the 11th and 20th of the month, your benefits will come on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.
    • 3- If your birthday falls between the 21st and the last day of the month, your payments will come on the 4th Wednesday of every month.

    How To Calculate Social Security Ssi Benefits

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    Supplemental Security Income is for low or no-income individuals. It provides money for basic needs. SSI, at its core, is a welfare program for the disabled. For example:

    • Individuals must have less than $2,000 in assets
    • A married couple must have less than $3,000 in assets

    Note: When calculating the assets for a married individual, SSA will count the working spouses income toward the $3,000 asset limit.

    The monthly payment in the Social Security Disability Pay Chart shows the maximum an individual or a couple may receive. However, your payment may be less. SSA places income limits on people who receive SSI.

    The monthly maximum SSI Federal Payments amounts for 2022:

    • $841 for an eligible individual
    • $1,261 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse
    • $421 for an essential person

    Note: Maximum Federal Supplemental Security Income payment amounts increase with the cost-of-living increases that apply to Social Security benefits. The latest increase was 5.9 percent, effective January 2022.

    Social Security Disability Benefits Pay Chart


    If you have earnings from a job or other sources of income, it may be deducted from the maximum SSI monthly benefit as shown in the pay chart. It may also result in a reduced payment to you. However, SSI does not count all income.

    Examples of income that is not countable against you include the following:

    Note: There may also be deductions because of your living arrangements (i.e., an adult getting free room and board.

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    Can Social Security Take Away My Ssdi Benefits

    Yes, you can lose your disability benefits if your condition improves to the point that you no longer meet the SSAs definition of disabled.

    For your benefits to be taken away, the SSA must show there has been medical improvement related to your ability to work before they can cut your SSDI benefit payments.

    Why Social Security Payments Dates Are Important

    Social Security benefits are sent out the month after they are due.

    This means that Social Security checks are paid in arrears, so any check received is for the month prior.

    For example, your March payment is distributed in April.

    Furthermore, the Social Security Administration adjusts payments each year to keep pace with inflation.

    This is called the Cost of Living Adjustment .

    The Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment will see an increase of 1.6% in 2020 and 1.3% in 2021.

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    How To Calculate Social Security Ssdi Benefits

    To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must have worked a minimum of five years within ten years, paying taxes into Social Security. You will not qualify for this benefit if you have not worked the equivalent of five full-time years or you have not paid into the system.

    SSDI can get complicated. Two important questions when looking at SSDI benefits are:

  • Have you worked long enough to qualify for the insurance?
  • When does your disability insurance expire?
  • Note: Just like any other insurance, you will eventually stop being insured once you stop paying for it.

    Any disability insurance you qualify for through working and paying into the system will typically lapse five years after you stop working. To be eligible for DIB, you must prove you met the rules of disability before your disability insurance lapses. These timeframes are calculated for each individual based on their specific work history.

    Social Security uses a formula to determine how much you should receive as your monthly SSDI benefit. SSDI payments average is $1,358 per month. The SSA has an online benefits calculator that you can use to estimate your monthly benefits.

    The monthly SSDI you receive is based on your lifetime earnings paid into Social Security taxes. Social Security uses your average indexed monthly earnings or AIME to begin the process of calculating your monthly benefit.

    There are several options on how you can find out what your PIA is from SSA:

    Must Read