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How To Apply For My Benefits

Social Security office in Toledo back open after two years of COVID-19 closures

When applying for any kind of benefits you need to check the qualifying criteria, your income level, your citizenship, as well as other factors. You need to contact the Social Security Administration to set up an appointment, provide the correct documents, and fill out the application form.

Depending on the benefits you apply for the process could be slightly different. However most benefits applications include the following steps:

  • Confirm eligibility by visiting the SSAs website or one of my articles.
  • Collect the requested documents and information.
  • Attend your appointment by phone or in person.
  • Complete the application form and answer any questions you are asked.
  • Submit the form and wait between 3-90 days to receive the SSAs decision.
  • Application Process For Specific Social Security Benefits

    I have written in-depth articles on the application process involved for each of the SSAs benefits. Each article covers who qualifies, the documents you need to collect, the application form, the wait time, and what to do once you are approved:

    Social Security Card Name Change Process

    Anytime you legally change your name, you must update your social security card. These situation include marriage, divorce, citizenship, or any other legal name change. A name change can be either the first name or the last name, so it’s important to update your card at the Social Security Office Toledo, OH location. This will help alleviate any future issues.

    Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

    When you meet with a Social Security lawyer at Gallon, Takacs & Boissoneault, we will help you to determine if you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

    To be eligible for SSDI benefits, you need to meet the Social Security Administrations definition of disabled. This means you must suffer from a medical condition that has lasted for at least one year and prevents you from performing work at your previous job or working at a different type of job.

    If you believe you meet this definition, and you are denied benefits, it may be because of an issue involving:

    • Income. If you are working and your income exceeds $1,000 per month, then you may be declared ineligible for SSDI.
    • Severity of your medical condition. If your condition is not on a master list of disabling conditions, the SSA may question whether your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working.
    • Your ability to work another job. Even if you have shown that you can no longer perform your current or previous job, the SSA may challenge your claim.
    • Work history. If you are age 31 or older, you need to have worked at least five of the 10 years prior to your application in order to receive SSDI benefits. If you are age 50 or older, then you need to provide proof that you worked at least seven years during your lifetime.

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    How A Toledo Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

    Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be intimidating. In order to apply you need a significant amount of information and paperwork. Building a case by yourself can be tiresome especially when youre already struggling with day-to-day challenges. A Social Security Disability attorney can be a useful tool throughout this process. They can help you build your file to make a stronger claim and can clear up all the questions that arise during this process. An SSD attorney can set you up for success so you can get the benefits you and your family need. Contact Hoglund Law today for a free consultation to find out if you are eligible for benefits.

    How Are Work Credits Calculated

    Two new disability hearing offices to open in Ohio this month to ...

    To qualify for SSDI, you need to have a valid work history. To determine if your employment record is sufficient, social security reviewers will assign credits to different factors of your previous work experience. You need 40 credits to become eligible. Credits are assigned based on your income, your age, and how long you worked. The threshold for each of these factors may change each year. For example, you may earn one credit for each $1,000 you made the last year you worked. If youre within a certain age bracket, theyll expect that you worked a certain number of years to earn credit. So if youre say, under 30, you may be required to work only eight years to earn credits, and will get more credits per year than a person over 40 who may be expected to have worked longer and will also get fewer credits per year of work.

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    How To Obtain A Social Security Number

    • Students are allowed to work on campus for no more than 20 hours/week. Search for on campus jobs at UToledo’s Career Services Website.
    • Complete an I-9 Application e-form in theiRocket Portaland let us know that you will need to apply for a Social Security Number within the application. You will be prompted to schedule an I-9 appointment after completing the e-form in which Office of International Student and Scholar Services will review your documents and give you further instructions. Go to the iRocket Portal.

    2020 THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO 2801 W. Bancroft St. Toledo, OH 43606 800.586.5336

    A Guide To Your Local Ssa Office Visit

    The Social Security Administration local office is the location that handles all types of Social Security claims and applications, from retirement to Social Security Disability Insurance to Supplemental Security Income . When you visit, you can get more help if you have questions ready for the representative who serves you.

    Use these tips to ensure your SSA trip goes as smoothly as possible, with few hassles and hiccups. It helps to go prepared.

  • Schedule Your Visit
  • Show up with Your Documents
  • Bring a List of Questions
  • Be Polite and Patient
  • Ask What to Do Next
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    What Are The Most Common Social Security Or Medicare Scams

    Scammers will try many different scams to get your personal information. They are specifically looking for an identification number. Once they have that information they will use it to steal your identity or steal money.

    This list includes some of the most common scams:

  • Card Activation Fee Or Issue With Card
  • You Have Charges On Your Account Scam
  • Free SSA Services Scam
  • Return Your Old Social Security Card Scam
  • How To Protect My Personal Information And Social Security Number?

    Protecting your personal information is vital. Ensure all documents are in a safe and secure location. Learn how to recognize and avoid common scams.

    Be vigilant when you receive a phone call from someone claiming to work for the government. A Social Security officer will NEVER threaten you or say you will go to jail if you do not give them your personal information.

    To learn more about common scams and how you can protect yourself read the article Avoid Social Security Fraud And Medicare Scams.

    What Happens If My Ssdi Application Is Rejected

    Toledo Administrative Law Judge Approval Rates at the Social Security Office of Hearing Operations

    If your SSDI application is denied, you have the option to appeal. Youll only have 60 days to begin your appeals process, so its important not to wait too long. You can begin the appeal process by applying online, and youll have a few options for what kind of appeal to do. If you disagree with their assessment of your disability, you can request reconsideration and youll get a new review completed by different people. You could also opt to have a hearing before an administrative judge, an appeals council, or in some cases, a federal court, to explain why you believe your case was wrongly denied.

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    How To Check The Status Of My Benefits Application

    Once you have submitted the application for your benefits you need to wait for Social Security process the application and come to a decision. This could take a few days to a few months.

    It depends on what benefit you are applying for, the information you provide, and the number of applications that are currently being processed.

    If you would like to confirm your application status you can log into your my Social Security account and check from there.

    Or you could call the Social Security office yourself and request information on your claim.

    Each benefits application article I have written will provide details on how to check your applications status.

    Social Security Office Toledo Ohio

    Social Security Offices in TOLEDO provide help with services handled by the Social Security Administration. Social Security Office TOLEDO service areas: TOLEDO

    • Apply for Disability SSDI OR, Supplemental Security Income
    • Apply for Medicare
    • Help with Medicare prescription drugs
    • Check on application status
    • Replace a Medicare card

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    What Documents Will I Need To Provide

    When collecting the documents you will need to apply for your benefits to confirm they are correct. The Social Security Administration will accept photocopies for certain documents but other documents may need to be original.

    Generally, you must provide proof of age, income, work history, identity, and citizenship. To learn more about the documents you will need to provide read the article What Documents Must I Provide The Social Security Administration When Applying For Benefits.

    Confirm Your Documents Are Correct

    To confirm you have the correct documents cross-reference with a list of required documents. Double-check, incorrect documentation is a common reason for an application to be rejected.

    Refer to the What Documents Must I Provide The Social Security Administration When Applying For Benefits to find a list of documents. You can use this list to cross-reference.

    Who Qualifies For Social Security Disability

    U.S. Social Security Administration

    There are two different ways to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The applicant can either prove that they cannot perform substantial gainful activity, or they can prove that they meet one of the severe medical conditions that the Social Security Administration outlines on their website. Proving that the applicant has one of the medical conditions is a more uncommon approach, however, because of the severity of those illnesses. Some of those illnesses are cardiovascular disorders, immune system disorders, mental diseases, malignant neoplastic disorders, respiratory illnesses, HIV, and cancer. For the full list, click here.

    If you have any questions on how you qualify for Social Security benefits or how the process works, call Hoglund Law for a free case evaluation.

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    How To Apply For Social Security Benefits In Toledo

    To apply, go online, call, or go to your local Social Security Administration office, which is located at Four Seagate Building, 433 N Summit St, Toledo, OH 43604. Expect to spend about 25 minutes to an hour and a half applying. Before you apply, make sure you have all the necessary information required for your file. This includes contact information for all doctors and hospitals relating to your condition, contact information for employers from the past 15 years, and all prescribed medications relating to your care. All this information will build your file and give the Social Security Administration the supporting evidence that they need to properly evaluate your file.

    Here Are The Basic Steps You’ll Go Through At The Toledo Social Security Office:

    1.Fill out the SS5-Form2.Gather all of the required documents, which include:Divorce decreeCourt order for a new nameCertificate of Naturalization with your new name on it

    Once you’ve gathered all documentation, you can submit all of the above information to your Social Security Office in Toledo, Ohio in person or via mail.

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    How To Set Up Direct Deposit For My Benefits

    To set up a Direct deposit you can log into your my Social Security account and enroll from your account.

    Follow the steps below to set up Direct Deposit through your my Social Security account:

  • Log into your my Social Security account
  • Go to the Benefits and Payment Details link
  • Scroll down and click the Update Direct Deposit button
  • Chose if you are the owner or co-owner
  • Enter your bank account info
  • You can choose to schedule when your direct deposit information changes if you would like.
  • Using Direct Deposit protects your payments and saves time. To learn what direct deposit involves, the security features it offers, and all methods of applying for Direct Deposit read How To Get Direct Deposit Set Up For My Social Security Benefits.

    Contact A Proven Toledo Social Security Disability Lawyer For A Consultation

    Social Security Administration upgrades website: Here’s what’s changed

    David E. Friedes & Associates advocates on behalf of Social Security Disability Insurance claimants in Lucas County and throughout the area. If you are unable to work and believe you might be entitled to benefits, please call or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my office in Toledo.

    Contact us

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    Social Security Office Holidays

    The Social Security Office in Toledo observes all federal holidays and will be closed during that time. Here’s a list of all holidays that the office will be closed:New Year’s Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

    Social Security Office In Toledo Oh 43623

    The Toledo, OH Social Security Office #376 is located at 4906 MONROE ST, SUITE A in the 43623 zip code area. It serves all Toledo and Lucas County residents and can be reached at .

    This Social Security Office Administration in Toledo, OH can provide help with disability benefits, Social Security benefits, new Social Security card, temporary and replacement Social Security card for a lost card, and more.

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    Youve Been Approved Now What Happens

    Once you are found disabled, those benefits are not permanent every recipient of disability will have their claim reviewed at least every three-to-seven years, depending on the severity of their disability as determined by Social Security. All of these details will be provided once your claim has been approved. The important thing to remember is to keep treating for you condition and never disregard any communications from the Social Security Administration.

    How To Find The Correct Application Forms

    Toledo Area Security Systems &  Services

    Once you have researched applying for benefits and collected the required documents you will need to complete the application form.

    . This article covers the forms you will need when applying for retirement benefits, child benefits, survivors benefits, mothers and fathers benefits, and lump-sum death benefits.

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    Social Security Office For Toledo Oh 43604

    Toledo Social Security Office Address :

    SUITE 1000

    Social Security Phone Social Security Phone TTY

    MON: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMTUES: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMWED: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMTHUR: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMFRI: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMSAT & SUN: CLOSED

    Federal Holidays & Emergency Closures Office details verified 13 Nov 2022

    How Do I Make An Appointment With The Toledo Ohio Office

    Even in situations where your local office is open normal hours, it is always better to schedule an appointment to help cut down on your wait time. You can call the Toledo, Ohio office at 877-274-5429 to schedule your appointment. When you make the call, they can also let you know what documents you need to bring to your appointment.

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    How Long Does A Social Security Disability Review Take

    If youre required to complete a Social Security Disability Review, theyll usually send you a short-form or a long-form review application. The process for the long-form usually takes four to six months, though it may a bit shorter or longer depending on the circumstances. The short-form review often takes one to three months, give or take. For both versions of the review youll need to provide some requested documentation about your identity and disability, and information about your work history. In the long-form version, you many need to provide more extensive medical records and will have additional forms to fill out. In both cases, you may be asked to participate in periodic follow ups.

    The Advantage Of Hiring An Attorney For Your Ssd/ssi Application

    Toledo Police answer questions about Ohio’s new concealed carry law

    SSDI and SSI applications are extensive and can be confusing to anyone not familiar with the process. Many applicants are denied not because they do not qualify or are not eligible to receive government benefits, but because of mistakes in the application process, insufficient medical documentation, or errors in the vast paperwork that is involved.

    Additionally, many individuals believe that a person must be unable to do any work in order to qualify for SSD benefits. This is not always true. As we have learned during our many years of experience, a person sometimes need only have a documented medical reason why he or she cannot perform any job he or she is qualified to accept.

    Whether you have been denied or are a first-time applicant, your chances of approval significantly improve if you are represented by an attorney. Our Toledo SSD/SSI attorneys understand the complexities of the Social Security system and will help you obtain the necessary proof the Social Security Administration requires. If you are denied, we will be prepared to represent you through the appeals process, which might include:

    • Reconsideration
    • A hearing in front of an administrative judge
    • Appeals Council review

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