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How To Find Someones Social Security Number

Components Of The Ssn

How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

Area number

The first group of three digits is the area number. It represented the issuing state. States could have more than one number, depending on how many people needed SSNs. Examples of area numbers include 001 to 003 for New Hampshire and 575 to 576 for Hawaii.

Generally, people on the east coast have the lowest SSNs. Area numbers ascended as assignment moved westward. So, people on the west coast tend to have the highest SSNs.

Beginning in 1972, the area number was assigned based on the zip code associated with the mailing address on the application.

There have been exceptions to the original area number assignment process:

  • 700-728 were assigned to railroad workers until 1963.
  • 586 was assigned to American Samoa, Guam, the Philippines, Americans employed internationally by American companies, and Indochinese refugees .
  • 729-733 were allocated to the Department for Homeland Security for its Enumeration of Entry program for non-citizens admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence.
  • 666 will never be assigned.

Group number

The following group of two digits is the group number. Group numbers range from 01 to 99. They weren’t necessarily assigned consecutively. They originally represented the groups of 10,000 numbers issued to a state’s post offices which were to help assign SSNs. They came to represent the issuing office.

Serial number

In 2011, SSNs began to be issued randomly.

What Can I Look Up With A Social Security Number

If you Search SSN by Name and Address or even if you just have a name and state of last residence, you can access a wealth of information. Try this search for yourself now. The preliminary results are free!

Through our partnership with PeopleFinders.com USA Trace delivers our Customers Industry-Leading data by combining over 43 Billion Verified Public Records giving you the most comprehensive Background, Criminal, People, Marriage and Divorce Checks available Online.

What Information Does The Number Provide

First and foremost, your social security number is used to verify your identity. Your social security number is attached to one name and one birthday. If you have a common name, say like John Smith, your SSN, birthday, middle name, and other corresponding information such as drivers license number and addresses youve lived together confirm that you are the John Smith in question.

Second, since social security numbers are used to track many types of personal transactions, a background check searches a variety of sources to pull up information on an individual. Accurate Backgrounds Social Security Trace and Address History search goes back seven years and identifies information including current addresses, all addresses where an applicant has lived, name summaries and variations, date of birth, etc. SSN searches will also reveal your work history and credit information such as foreclosures and bankruptcies.

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Ssn Name Or Birthdate Mismatch

According to the Social Security Administration records, your date of birth on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid does not correspond with the social security number you reported on your FAFSA.

If the name and social security number shown on your FAFSA are correct, you must contact the Social Security Administration Office to resolve this problem . Once resolved, please contact our office so that we may take necessary steps to ensure the full processing of your FAFSA.

If either your name or social security number reported on your FAFSA is incorrect, you should correct your FAFSA accordingly. We also strongly recommend that you contact the Registrars Office to make any name changes in the University database system so that the information on all official records are consistent with your FAFSA.

We cannot award any federal student aid until this matter is resolved.

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How To Find Someones Social Security Number

What might the digits of your ancestor

The United States Social Security Administration is one resource for finding out someones SSN. You may look up up to 10 social security numbers on their website every day.

Similarly, Can you look up a SSN online?

Connect to the appropriate website. Go to GovSSNRecords.org and log in. By entering your name or phone number in the text field, you may search for the SSN and other specific biographical information. You will be sent to a different page after clicking Submit where you may access the information for a price.

Also, it is asked, How do I find the last 4 of someones SSN?

The state where the card was applied for is shown by the first three digits of a persons SSN. Simple enough. The last four numbers count up sequentially, while the second group of digits exhibit a regular pattern.

Secondly, How can I find my Social Security Number without my card?

Your Social Security number may be found on financial records, bank statements, and tax paperwork. The Social Security Administration allows you to seek a new Social Security card online even if you dont have any supporting documents.

Also, Can I get a copy of my childs Social Security card online?

You must either mail or bring your replacement card application and supporting documentation to your neighborhood Social Security office. Its crucial to know that although you may obtain an adult card online, you cannot finish your childs application there.

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Often, employers or other individuals want to verify someones identity, but they only have a name to go on. When trying to find social security numbers by name for free, it can be tempting to try and find this information online to verify their identity, but this is highly illegal. Social security information is privacy protected, and this information in the wrong hands can lead to identity theft, fraud, and other crimes.

So while you cant find another individuals social security number by name for free or at all, employers or companies can sometimes request this information as part of an employment application. This data can then be put into the U.S. governments website for social security number verification to ensure that the individual is who they say they are.

Keep in mind that varying state laws govern what employers can and cant do with this informationresearch disclosure laws in your jurisdiction to understand your states laws.

Any website or individual that says they can provide this information to you is likely engaging in illegal activities to do so, or they are attempting to collect your data as part of a scam. It is not recommended to attempt to find this verification online via a name search or through any other source.

Finding Social Security Number Information the Legal Way

Other Ways to Figure Out Important Information

Its Ultimately About Trust

Employers primarily run background checks as a baseline for establishing trust with a new employee. While a social security number does not tell the whole story, it provides a crucial foundation for verifying identity and building critical trust, without which any background report is essentially unreliable.

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How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Using My Childs Social Security Number

In order to ensure that no one is using your childs SSN, you must first verify with the Social Security Administration once a year. Second, you must examine your childs credit report, which you may do for free by calling Equifax at 1-800-525-6285, Experian at 888-397-3742, and TransUnion at 800-680-7289. You may also inform them of fraud.

Hire A Private Investigator

How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

Another great way to find someones social security number is to hire a private investigator . Hiring a PI is expensive but often one of the few promising ways to find someones social security number. You can hire private investigators in-person or through online websites and platforms.

When using a PI, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first aspect to consider is the cost of using a PI and if you have a permissible purpose. Without a permissible purpose, hiring a PI for someones SSN is not worth it. Doing so will get you in trouble, and most PIs wont work with someone who doesnt have a permissible purpose.

The next aspect to consider is how much a private investigator costs. Unlike other services, PIs have varying costs that depend on the person. It also depends on what youre paying them for and how long it takes for them to find someone. For example, private investigators cost between a few hundred and several thousand dollars.

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Why You Need A Ssn

A Social Security number is very important to have due to its direct connection to the future benefits you may be entitled to receive from the U.S. government.

An SSN is used to track an individual’s yearly earnings and the number of years they’ve worked. These figures are required to compute potential financial benefits, whether they relate to retirement income, disability income, or health insurance.

When people start their working careers, employers request their Social Security numbers as part of the application process. They provide the Internal Revenue Service with details of salary payments associated with each SSN and the withholdings made for employees’ contributions to Social Security and Medicare. Employers also report this information to any state that has an income tax.

How Do I Check If My Ssn Is Being Used

If you believe your SSN is being used by someone else, the first thing to do would be to contact the Social Security Administration so they can review their records. If you have specific evidence of identity theft because of something that happened, the federal government provides a resource at IdentifyTheft.gov, which can provide resources for recovery.Other types of SSN searches such as a credit check may reveal people and places where an SSN has been used.

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How To Find People By Social Security Number

Since there is a lot of identity theft, a lot of people are frequently trying to find ways of how to do social security searches free. There are plenty of reasons why a person would like to conduct a social security search.

It could be because they are trying to verify whether a social security number given by a potential employee is authentic or not. You could also be compiling data for your family and history and have a social security whose identity you dont know. To find out the bearer of a social security number you can go to Abika.com.

You can also join a private investigative membership to get access to a search database used by private investigators. By joining you will be able to conduct your social security search free .

What To Do If Your Ssn Is Stolen


If you discover that your Social Security number is being used by someone else or if you lose your card, there are steps you should consider taking immediately.

  • Contact the to make sure they are aware of the issue have a security or fraud alert attached to your credit report.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration to notify it of fraudulent use of your number, or the potential for it. If you lost your card, discuss the process to replace it.
  • File a police report on an actual theft of your card or use of your number.
  • Monitor your credit reports for any unauthorized use of existing credit accounts or the unauthorized opening of new accounts.

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Can You Find Bank Accounts With Social Security Number

Outside of the US Federal Government, it is not possible to search for bank accounts with just a social security number. The IRS receives information from bank accounts held by US citizens, which are linked to them using social security numbers. Participating banks across the world are required to collect this information from US citizens and to submit the information to the IRS. As social security numbers and bank account numbers are generally considered sensitive information, an individual is unlikely to be able to access this information through normal channels. There may be legal challenges that can be made to compel an individual bank to check, but there is no blanket way to check all banks.

Can You Look Up Someone By Their Social Security Number

If youre interested in finding someone and checking criminal records and other public records using a social security number, you can discreetly run a background check online.

In fact, you dont even need to use an SSN almost all the available public records in our SSN search have been compiled and sorted so that you can search with just a name and last known city and state.

As youll see, the preview results can be helpful to ensure youve got the right person and get an idea of the information thats available its quick, free, and might give you enough information for further searching. If you decide you want to dig deeper, you can get reports starting from about $10 not free, but its instant and thorough.

There are also options for unlimited searches for one low rate, so if youre doing a lot of research, the cost per search can drop significantly. In fact, this is exactly what many private investigators do .

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Be Careful Ways The Fraud Can Find Someones Social Security Number

Even though SSNs are used for different purposes, they are not classified as public records because they hold the key to a lot of sensitive information.

Finding an SSN that belongs to you is a relatively simple task however, getting that of someone else is a relatively difficult task, especially if a searching person does not have all the required information.

So, what information does this person need to find someones SSN number for free? It is the exact name written on the individuals birth certificate, the date of birth, and the state where the individual was born. So little information is needed to find someones SSN number for free.

Is it possible to find a persons social security number by name only? No, as was said above, you shouldnt share with a scammer at least your DOB and the place of birth.

Moreover, there are some predicting algorithms that can help a scammer to figure out someones social security number.

The good news is that employers are not allowed to give out the personal information of their staff, so the fraud cannot find the persons SSN at their place of employment.

One more way is using third-party services. With the help of these third-party services, anyone can figure out someones social security number online, despite the fact that the SSN number is private information and cant be found legally.

Social Security Death Index

Find Someones Social Security Number

This database keeps death records. The Social Security Administration Death Master File comes with detail on approximately 100 million of people who are deceased. These people are those who had SSNs and is only those who death was reported to the United States social security numbers whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration. These records can be accessed on the web from websites like Ancestry.com for individuals who are members. Free access is available from the following sites

  • Ancestry.com You can search records from as far far back as 1935 up to 2014.
  • FamilySearch.com this site contains records beginning in 1962 right up to February 2014

These sites provided the following information on each decedent. This is the case if the data is available to the SSA:

  • Lump sum payment

Watch this video to learn more about the death index. Its one of the best out there.

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Locate Someone By Their Social Security Number

From credit cards to cell phone contracts if a person has used any form of credit, the address they have used will be tied to it .

The problem is that while Social Security Numbers are a powerful form of identification with a great deal of information some of that information is not just sitting online open and available to the public. While an SSN history check is often the way that lawyers, private investigators, and other legal professionals search for someone, many of the people finder services they use are not available to the public. You can hire a lawyer or a PI to run an SSN search for you but their services can be expensive. Another drawback is they can usually only perform SSN searches for very specific, authorized reasons.

Fortunately, it is still possible to find people using their social security number and receive all the available public record information linked to that person. With just a name and the first three digits of an SSN, you can start a search to get free, instant preview results. If you dont get the results youre looking for, you can run a People Search using the name and last known city/state for extended results.

Regardless of which option you choose, the report you receive will be exactly the same. Not only will you receive up to date address information, but also current phone numbers, and everything from property to criminal records that are part of the public records system

What Is Social Security Number

Social media profiles come in quite handy when you need to find out someones basic information such as a birthday. Heres how you can do a birthday look up on social media.

The Social Security Number is the unique identity of every person living in the United States. It is a 9-digit code issued to every resident of the United States by the social security administration, SSA, of the government of the United States.

This number is mandatory to be issued to every person in the United States under section 205 of the Social Security Act, which is referred to as 42 U.S.C. It is widely used in everyday activities of the person. The person can be easily tracked with the help of SSN throughout the United States.

The system of Social Security Number was inaugurated in the year 1935 In the United States of America. John David Sweeny, Jr. of New Rochelle, New York, was the first person to receive a Social Security number in the history of the United States of America.

The scheme of SSN was well received by the citizens and a total of 25 million numbers got registered in a short span of three months. During its initial phase, 1,043 out of 45,000 post offices were nominated for social security number typing centers.

People will go to these post offices to apply for their social security number, which was then sent to the capital city of Washington D.C.

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