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Social Security Administration Chattanooga Tennessee

How To Replace My Social Security Card Or My Medicare Card

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If you are over 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and have a U.S. mailing address you can request to replace your card online. If you are requesting a name change or any other information to be changed on your card you will need to go to the Social Security office in person.

You can log into your Social Security account and go to request a replacement Social Security number card.

To learn how long the process takes and the information you need to provide the SSA read How To Obtain/Replace My Social Security Card.

Apply For Chattanooga Social Security Disability Benefits

Just because you are disabled does not mean you will automatically be approved for Chattanooga disability benefits. Applying is a necessary first step, but if done without any knowledge of how the system works, it will most likely result in a rejection for benefits. The SSA uses strict guidelines to evaluate your case, and approve under half of first-time applications. For this reason, the services of a skilled Social Security Disability lawyer are your best asset when you apply for Chattanooga Social Security Disability.

A Chattanooga Social Security Disability attorney has become familiar with the SSAs practices, likes, and dislikes through experience representing cases such as yours. Having an ally who has this experience is highly recommended by all sides of the process and is certain to increase your likelihood of having a swift and favorable disability determination.

Start the Chattanooga Social Security Disability application process in a timely manner, since even if you are among the initial 30% approved for benefits, you will wait 6 months before receiving any funds or back pay. If you need forms or other information, contact your Chattanooga Social Security office.

Chattanooga Social Security Disability

Directions To Chattanooga Social Security Office:

1290 Premier Drive Is Off East Brainerd Road, Across The Street From Csla School And Vance Rd. Take Exit 3 Off I-75 South. Take Exit 3b Off I-75 North. We Can Handle Your Service Needs Online Or By Phone, Bu T If You Need To Visit Our Office, The Best Time To Do So Is On Tuesday Or Firday. 1290 Premier Drive Is Off East Brainerd Road, Across The Street

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Social Security Resource Guide

Doing a bit of research can help you prepare for the application process and collect the correct information. It can reduce stress and hassle to prepare a bit beforehand. Read the Social Security Administration Benefits Resources Guide to find links and resources for each kind of SSA benefit.

David Duford

David Duford is the owner of SSAOffices.com. He owns numerous businesses including life and Medicare agencies, dedicated to helping seniors with their insurance needs. David resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and four chlidren.

Social Security Offices Within 100 Miles

Social Security Office

This website is not associated with the Social Security Administration or any government services and is for general information only. Although we attempt to keep the information up to date, some information may be out of date. Please contact your local Social Security Office to obtain information directly from the SSA.

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How To Apply For My Benefits

When applying for any kind of benefits you need to check the qualifying criteria, your income level, your citizenship, as well as other factors. You need to contact the Social Security Administration to set up an appointment, provide the correct documents, and fill out the application form.

Depending on the benefits you apply for the process could be slightly different. However most benefits applications include the following steps:

  • Confirm eligibility by visiting the SSAs website or one of my articles.
  • Collect the requested documents and information.
  • Attend your appointment by phone or in person.
  • Complete the application form and answer any questions you are asked.
  • Submit the form and wait between 3-90 days to receive the SSAs decision.
  • Application Process For Specific Social Security Benefits

    I have written in-depth articles on the application process involved for each of the SSAs benefits. Each article covers who qualifies, the documents you need to collect, the application form, the wait time, and what to do once you are approved:

    How Do I Know If Social Security Is Calling Me

    If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be Social Security beware. You can call Social Securitys customer service line at 800-772-1213 to confirm whether a communication purporting to be from SSA is real. If you get an impostor call or email, report it to SSA using their detailed online form.

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    How To Set Up Direct Deposit For My Benefits

    To set up a Direct deposit you can log into your my Social Security account and enroll from your account.

    Follow the steps below to set up Direct Deposit through your my Social Security account:

  • Log into your my Social Security account
  • Go to the Benefits and Payment Details link
  • Scroll down and click the Update Direct Deposit button
  • Chose if you are the owner or co-owner
  • Enter your bank account info
  • You can choose to schedule when your direct deposit information changes if you would like.
  • Using Direct Deposit protects your payments and saves time. To learn what direct deposit involves, the security features it offers, and all methods of applying for Direct Deposit read How To Get Direct Deposit Set Up For My Social Security Benefits.

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    Jay a very good lawyer, and he was also concerned about my well-being. Janice was always there to answer any questions that we had.

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    Popular Questions At Chattanooga 37421

    What is the full retirement age for social security?Can you go to Social Security office without an appointment?your local Social Security officeWhat documents will you need to apply for Social Security benefits?

  • Social Security card,
  • proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status,
  • a copy of U.S. military service paper,
  • a copy of your W-2 form and/or self-employment tax return for last year.
  • My Social Security Card Was Lost/stolen What Should I Do

    If your Social Security card has been lost or stolen, you need to act immediately! You will need to request a replacement card, but you should also take the proper steps to prevent identity theft. Thieves could use your information to apply for loans, obtain credit cards, or file fraudulent tax returns in your name. You should place a fraud alert on your Social Security number and keep a watch on your credit report. Also be aware of scams that attempt to steal your SSN.

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    How Do I Apply For Social Security Benefits

    You will need to complete an application for benefits. This can be done online, in person, or over the phone. The application process is necessary whether you are applying for retirement or disability benefits. You will need your Social Security number and other required documentation to complete your application.

    Filing For Social Security Disability

    How to change your name in Chattanooga after you get married

    No matter at what phase in the application process you are in, Warren & Griffin can help. We know exactly what the Social Security Administration is looking for in an initial application, at a hearing and during an appeal. Our attorneys will also prepare you, both over the telephone and in-person, to properly answer questions asked by the SSI staff. Finally, a hearing is often necessary to start receiving your benefits and we will be there, in person, to represent you, present your claim and defend your rights.

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    How To Check My Earning Records With The Ssa

    You can get your earning records from the SSA online or by mail. It is recommended that you view your earning records before applying for benefits. That way you can confirm your benefits will be calculated correctly.

    To find your earning records follow these steps:

  • Visit the Social Security Administrations website.
  • Once you are on their homepage, click Sign in/Sign up from there click my Social Security. That will take you to the my Social Security login page.
  • Once you are logged into your Social Security account you can go to View earning record.
  • You should be able to view a table that shows the years you worked, the taxed Social Security earnings, and any amount you paid for taxed Medicare earnings.
  • To read more about the documents you can use to verify your earning records, read my article How To Check My Earning Records And Adjust Them If Necessary provides step-by-step directions for accessing and adjusting your earning records.

    Social Security Office In Chattanooga Tn 37421

    The Chattanooga, TN Social Security Office #568 is located at 1290 PREMIER DR, SUITE 140 in the 37421 zip code area. It serves all Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents and can be reached at .

    This Social Security Office Administration in Chattanooga, TN can provide help with disability benefits, Social Security benefits, new Social Security card, temporary and replacement Social Security card for a lost card, and more.

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    What Kind Of Medical Proof Do I Need

    Far too many honest claims are denied every year. This means that you need to collect all the medical proof you can to back up your claim. You may include records from doctors visits, surgeries, procedures, medications, therapy sessions, and more. Any reports from doctors and specialists you have worked with can be vital medical proof.

    If you end up going before a judge on appeal, your Chattanooga, TN, disability lawyer at McMahan Law Firm may bring forth medical experts to testify for you, which can weigh heavily in your favor. We will be your fierce and loyal advocates.

    Social Security Office Structure

    3- Pension Development

    The Social Security Administration is headquartered in Woodlawn, Maryland. The SSA employs roughly 62,000 individuals that work in 10 regional offices, 8 processing centers, 1300 field offices and 37 tele-service offices. The SSA is divided into 10 different regions across the United States. Each of those regions has a main office that oversees the field offices located throughout that region.

    *SocialSecurityPledge.org is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration , the Chattanooga Social Security Office, or any other government agency. All of the information presented on this website isn’t guaranteed to be accurate and we’re not liable for any mistakes that are displayed on this site.

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    Need Help With Social Security Disability

    • You’ve come to the right place. If you or someone you know is unable to work because of a long-term disability, a social security disability law office can help. Disabled workers may be eligible to receive social security disability benefits from the government.

      Use FindLaw to find a social security disability lawyer near you to help guide you through the claims process and resolve any problems that arise with Social Security Disability Insurance claims and SSDI benefits.

    Do I Have To Be Completely Disabled To Collect Social Security

    SSI and SSDI are all-or-nothing forms of compensation for disability. You have to be completely disabled and unable to work at all according to the Social Security Administration in order to collect benefits. Partial disability does not allow benefits because the SSA will assume that you can hold a different kind of job even if you can no longer work your former job.

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    What If I Have Other Disability Insurance

    Long-term disability insurance policies or other private forms of disability benefits wont affect your SSDI benefits, but workers compensation or other temporary benefits from the state can reduce your federal benefits. You can only get a total of 80% of your prior earning level from federal and state disability sources.

    Social Security Disability: From Applications To Appeals

    Contact Us

    While no one ever wants a reason to need Social Security Disability benefits, they are in place for a reason. SSD insurance provides a source of income for those unable to work due to circumstances outside their control. The process of filing a claim is often tedious and time-consuming, and many are denied. An SSD attorney can help you create a case to hopefully maximize results.

    At McCarthy Murphy & Preslar, PC, I have dedicated my practice solely to Social Security disability cases. By narrowing my focus to a specific area, I feel I am able to provide my clients with superior service. Whether you need advice on how to start your claim or assistance in the appeals process, my team is prepared to help you seek the outcome you need to move forward.

    Being physically unable to work should not threaten your livelihood. You deserve the benefits specifically designed for you by law. Ensure your claim contains all of the necessary information by consulting with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. He or she will be able to answer your questions and give you insight into the industry.

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    Social Security Office Chattanooga Tn



    Local Number 1-866-964-0029 National Toll-Free 1-800-772-1213 TTY 1-423-954-9364

    MON: 09:00 AM 03:00 PM TUES: 09:00 AM 03:00 PM WED: 09:00 AM 12:00 PM THUR: 09:00 AM 03:00 PM FRI: 09:00 AM 03:00 PM SAT & SUN: CLOSED


    Chattanooga TN Social Security office assign Social Security numbers to U.S. Citizens.They also maintains earnings records under workers Social Security numbers and administrates Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind and disabled. Social Security Answers is here to help. Ask your question.

    Chattanooga TN Social Security Office Tips:

    Locate another Social Security Office near Chattanooga TN

    Who Is Eligible For Social Security

    The following people are eligible to receive social security benefits:

  • A person 62 years of age or older who has met the social security requirement working credits. This occurs by remaining employed for a steady and reasonable amount of time to pay into the social security fund.
  • A spouse under the age of 62 who has a dependent disabled child living with him or her.
  • High school students from the ages of 18 to 19 as long as they are enrolled full time in high school and have an unmarried status.
  • Any person with a disability that was legally verified before the person reached 22 years of age.
  • Divorced person who is unmarried and who is over 62 years of age may qualify for social security benefits from a previous spouse if they were married for more than a decade.
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    ****IMPORTANT: Social Security offices are offering more in-person appointments and have resumed in-person services for people without an appointment.To avoid waiting in line, they strongly encourage people to use the online services at https://www.ssa.gov/onlineservices or call them to scheduleappointments in advance rather than walking in without an appointment.

    This Social Security Administration Office determines eligibility and pays benefits to those entitled to survivor benefits. Determines eligibility and pays benefits to the entitled legally blind. Determines eligibility and pays retirement benefits to those entitled aged 62 and older. Administers and provides retirement benefits, disability benefits, survivors benefits, Medicare coverage, and Supplemental Security Income .

    Hours: Monday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMTuesday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMWednesday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMThursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMFriday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMSaturday ClosedSunday Closed

    What Is Social Security Office Chattanooga Tn Address

    Security footage shows downtown Chattanooga incident involving man who claims he was assaulted

    Use the following Social Security Office Chattanooga TN address to send mail or visit the SSA office:

    Social Security Office Chattanooga TNOffice Code: 37421Street: 1290 Premier Dr, Ste 140City: Chattanooga

    Social Security Office Tennessee

    The Social Security Office Chattanooga TN phone number that we provide, is the most updated phone number available. SSA Chattanooga Tennessee phone number allows you to connect, promptly, to the main switch and from there you can reach out the right agent at Social Security Office Chattanooga TN.

    Is Social Security running out soon?The future of Social Security might be in trouble. Will it run out soon or stick around, and how will it affect future generations? Thats what Ill be discussing in this video.

    Social-security-offices.org is a completely independent website, that provides, for free, contact information about Social Security Office Chattanooga TN and SSA offices nationwide, including phone number, address, and opening hours. If you find any new information about Social Security Office Chattanooga TN, wed appreciate if you send us a message, once verified we will update the website.

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